NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Our Projects

RESPIRE projects cover work across all our partner countries, in both acute and chronic conditions affecting adults and children.

Summary of RESPIRE projects across Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Pakistan

RESPIRE projects have been funded through a competitive review process, including external peer review.  Projects have been proposed by partners in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Pakistan to be responsive to the local needs. In each country, therefore, there is a different balance of research across acute and chronic conditions, and working primarily with adults or children.

Summary infographic

Our summary infographic includes all research projects funded through RESPIRE by summer 2019.  This includes PhD projects, Fellowships and major funded programmes, some spanning several countries. 

Download an A4 pdf copy of the RESPIRE projects summary poster, which also briefly details the key needs in each country to which RESPIRE is responding:

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Projects related to acute conditions

Projects related to chronic conditions

Projects related to COVID-19

Our impact

RESPIRE phase 1 research has had an impact in multiple ways in the partner countries of Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Pakistan, and beyond. View our posters outlining the impacts we have had in each partner country and a focus on the COVID-19 research carried out.

RESPIRE Impact posters

RESPIRE research impact in Bangladesh

RESPIRE Impact in Bangladesh

RESPIRE research impact in India

RESPIRE Impact in India

Download a copy of the RESPIRE Impact in Bangladesh poster

Download a copy of the RESPIRE Impact in India poster

RESPIRE research impact in Malaysia

RESPIRE Impact in Malaysia

RESPIRE research impact in Pakistan

RESPIRE Impact in Pakistan

Download a copy of the RESPIRE Impact in Malaysia poster

Download a copy of the RESPIRE Impact in Pakistan poster

RESPIRE Research Impact COVID-19


Download a copy of the RESPIRE COVID-19 Impact poster