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Research videos

Short videos from some of our academics talking about their research.

Research in a nutshell

Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley

In this video Sarah Cunningham-Burley talks about the importance of sociological understanding in the field of health, medicine and health care. She discusses some of the research she is engaged in around public engagement, medical technologies and family well-being.

Professor Sarah Wild

In this video Sarah describes her research interests in the use of routine data for research in the patterns of non-communicable diseases in populations. 

Professor Liz Grant

In this video, Liz Grant talks about her research in palliative care in sub-saharan Africa.

Professor Brian McKinstry

In this video, Brian talks about research into telehealth.

Dr Jeni Harden

In this video, Jeni talks about her research into health in children and families.

Dr Christine Campbell

In this video, Christine talks about her work in aspects of cancer care in primary care.

Professor Igor Rudan

In this video Igor describes his research interest in defining global health priorities and identifying effective interventions to improve health of those most vulnerable – mothers, children and elderly in low and middle income countries.

Professor Amanda Amos

In this video Amanda describes her research on smoking in the UK, which is still the number one cause of death and health inequality. Her research asks three main questions: 1. Why do young people start smoking? 2. How can we help smokers quit? 3. How can we reduce children’s exposure to second hand smoke?

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Inaugural Lectures

Professor Andrew Morris

Professor Andrew Morris, Chair of Medicine, delivers his inaugural lecture entitled, Medicine in the Information Age.

Medicine in the Information Age - YouTube

[Recorded on 22 June 2015 at the University of Edinburgh's Chancellor's Building.]

Medical Detectives lecture series

Professor Aziz Sheikh

In this video-recorded lecture, Professor Sheikh presents a summary of the main culprits identified to-date and share his thoughts on where the investigation should now focus attention.

The Sign of Three: An Investigation into the Epidemic of Itch, Sneeze and Wheeze - YouTube

[Recorded on 23 October 2014, at the University of Edinburgh's Anatomy Lecture Theatre.]

Medical Detectives - The University of Edinburgh

Our Changing World

Dr Liz Grant

Dr Liz Grant, Director Global Health Academy, presents "Palliative Care: A Global Development Challenge".

Palliative Care: A Global Development Challenge - YouTube

[Recorded on 29 October 2013 at the University of Edinburgh's Appleton Tower.]