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PReventing Gambling RelAted Harm in Adolescents

Summary (Research in a nutshell)

PRoGRAM-A team photo including 8 team members at the set up meeting

PRoGRAM-A is a peer-led, school-based education programme that aims to reduce gambling related harm by equipping students with the self-efficacy to make informed and responsible decisions regarding their attitudes toward gambling and gambling behaviour. The PRoGRAM-A collaboration brings together researchers, statisticians, behaviour specialists and youth practitioners from a number of universities and third sector organisations across the UK.

Name Role
Fiona Dobbie Principal Investigator, University of Edinburgh
Martine Miller Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Richard Purves Research Fellow, Univesrity of Stirling
Cath Best Statistician, University of Stirling
Michael Ussher Professor of Behavioural Medicine, St George's University of London
Gerda Reith Professor of Social Science, University of Glasgow
Rona Campbell Professor of Public Health Research, University of Bristol
Sally Good Director of Services, Ecidence to Impact Ltd.
Lesley Brogan Project Worker, West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service
Brian Pringle General Manager, West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service
Francesca Howard  Project Manager, Fast Forward
Allie Cherry Byrnes Cheif Executive, Fast Forward


Martine Miller:

Key Publications


Implementation of a peer-led school based smoking prevention programme: a mixed methods process evaluation

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Key Collaborations

University of Stirling

University of Glasgow

University of Bristol

St Georges, University of London

Partners and Funders

Evidence to Impact Ltd.

Fast Forward

West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service


Medical Research Council MR/S019299/1


August 2019 - February 2021 (18 months)