Usher Institute

Medical Informatics staff list

Although many staff work across Centres within the Usher Institute, this page lists staff who have a primary affiliation with the Centre for Medical Informatics.

Professors and other senior academics

The senior academic team in the Centre for Global Health: Professors, Readers, Senior academics, Chancellor's Fellows and other Fellowship holders.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Luciana D'Adderio Chancellor's Fellow
Miguel O. Bernabeu Deputy Director and Director of Research, Bayes Centre | Deputy Head of Centre for Medical Informatics and Professor of Computational Medicine, Usher Institute
Matt Bouamrane Chancellor's Fellow
Kathrin Cresswell Senior Lecturer
Annemarie Docherty Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellowship
Ewen Harrison Professor of Surgery and Data Science, Head of Centre for Medical Informatics
Julie Jacko Chair of Health Informatics and Data Science and Co-Head of Centre for Medical Informatics
Tracy Jackson Senior Research Fellow, Patient and Public Involvement Lead
Steven Kerr Chancellor's Fellow
Saturnino Luz Professor of Digital Biomarkers and Precision Medicine
Andrew Morris Professor of Medicine / Vice-Principal Data Science
Kristin Nicodemus Chancellor's Fellow / Senior Lecturer
(Syed) Ahmar Shah Chancellor's Fellow | Senior Research Fellow | Director of Innovation
Katie Shaw Senior Lecturer
Sir Aziz Sheikh Professor of Primary Care Research and Development
Sarah Stock Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health
Catherine Sudlow Professor of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology
Holly Tibble Chancellor's Fellow
Thanasis Tsanas Professor of Digital Health and Data Science / Director of Knowledge Exchange and Research Impact
Debbie Wake Clinical Reader in Medical Informatics and Diabetes Care & Education

Research and teaching

Research and teaching staff working on projects and programmes led by the senior team.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Shima Abdullateef Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Fatima Almaghrabi Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sara Bea Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
David Buchanan Data Analyst / Software Developer
Malcolm Cameron Research Assistant
Luke Daines Clinical Research Fellow
Sarah Elliot Research Assistant
Romain Enjalbert Research Fellow
Nusa Faric Research Fellow
Ylenia Giarratano Research Fellow (C1) (ACAD - Researcher)
David Hardman Research Fellow
Susan Hinder Research Fellow
Malihe Javidi Research Fellow on Computer Vision in Medicine
Karen Jeffrey Research Fellow
Emma Kinley PPI Research Fellow
Ian Piper Data Analyst
Ana Paula Rubio
Stina Saunders Postdoc Data Analyst
Shane Sheehan Research Fellow
Sarah Spence Teaching Fellow
Theresa Ikegwuonu Research Fellow
Aneeta Sylolypavan Research Fellow
Mathew Thorpe Research Assistant
Claire Tochel Research Fellow (SCONE)

Professional services

Professional services and technical staff working on projects and programmes led by the senior academic team, and supporting Centre activities.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Dominique Balharry Global Respiratory Health Research Manager
Joanne Blair-Gray Personal Assistant to the Director of the Usher Institute
Amanda Bradburn Communications and Finance Officer
Kirsteen Campbell Communications and Engagement Officer, UK LLC
Neil Clark Data Analyst
Iwona Czerwinska Programme Coordinator
Julie Davidson Institute Administrator (NINE Edinburgh BioQuarter)
Karen Dawson Personal Assistant to Professor Andrew Morris
Morag Edwards RESPIRE Operations Coordinator
Robin Flaig Chief Operations Officer, Generation Scotland
Laura Gonzalez Rienda PPI Research and Operations Assistant
Wendy Inglis Humphrey Chief Operating Officer (Digital and Respiratory Research)
Rebecca Lees Administrator
Ai Lim RESPIRE Programmes and Trial Manager
Chun Lin Data Analyst
Stela McLachlan Research Manager
Paula Mika Research Administrator
Riinu Pius (Ots) Senior Data Manager
Lily Quinlan Research Administrator
Mairi Redman IHDP PA/ Administrator
Natalia Reglinska-Matveyev Research & Operations Manager
Fiona Strachan IHDP Chief Operating Officer
Serena Tricarico HDR UK Scotland Manager
Rebecca Whitehorn Research Administrator