Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics

Centre for Medical Informatics

The Centre for Medical Informatics was created, along with the Usher Institute, in 2015. The Centre has strong links with the Farr Institute, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme, Administrative Data Research Centre, Edinburgh Data Science and the newly established Health Data Research UK.

Professor Cathie Sudlow became Head of the Centre of Medical Informatics in August 2017, taking over from Professor Aziz Sheikh (now Director of the Usher Institute) and Professor Dave Robertson (now Head of the College of Science and Engineering).

Professor Sudlow is Chief Scientist for the UK Biobank. UK Biobank is a prospective study of 500,000 participants, recruited and extensively phenotyped from 2006-2010 at the age of 40-69, and now being followed up for the occurrence of a range of health-related outcomes. As UK Biobank’s Chief Scientist, Professor Sudlow leads the follow-up programme, coordinating linkages to national death, cancer, hospital, primary care and other datasets, and nine expert outcomes adjudication subgroups (cancer, diabetes, cardiac, stroke, neurodegenerative, mental health, musculoskeletal, respiratory, ocular outcomes).

The Centre for Medical Informatics supports growth of campus-wide health and biomedical informatics research - providing a hub for this activity within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and, through links with Health Data Research UK, nationally.