Usher Institute

Global Health staff list

Although many staff work across Centres within the Usher Institute, this page lists staff who have a primary affiliation with the Centre for Global Health.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Email
Davies Adeloye Research Fellow
Seth Amanfo Research Fellow | Coordinator NIHR Global Health Research Unit Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa (TIBA)
Rachael Atherton Project Administrator
Katie Atkins Chancellor's Fellow
Cathryn Broderick Assistant Managing Editor
Harry Campbell Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health
Kit Chan Reader/ Chancellor's Fellow
Jennifer Devlin Research Nurse
Candida Fenton Information Specialist/Systematic Review Methodologist, Cochrane Vascular Group
Jonine Figueroa Chancellor's Fellow
Liz Grant Professor of Global Health and Development/ Director Global Health Academy / Assistant Principal Global Health / Programme Co-Director (MSc Global eHealth, Global Health Challenges, Master of Family Medicine)
Peter Joshi Honorary Fellow
Theresa Kirkpatrick Project Coordinator
You Li Research Fellow
Lu Lu Postdoctoral Research Associate
Felicity Mehendale Senior Lecturer
Harish Nair Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Global Health
Claire Parker Project Administrator and Personal Assistant to Professor Harish Nair
Nicola Pirastu Chancellor's Fellow
Jackie Price Professor of Molecular Epidemiology
Alison Rodger Professor of Infectious Diseases & HIV
Igor Rudan Professor of International Health and Molecular Medicine
Stephanie Scott Project Administrator
Xia Shen Chancellor's Fellow
Ting Shi Chancellor's Fellow
Marlene Stewart Managing Editor Cochrane Peripheral Vascular Diseases Review Group
Evropi Theodoratou Personal Chair of Cancer Epidemiology and Global Health
Bram van Bunnik Research Fellow
Bryan Wee Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jim Wilson Professor of Human Genetics
Mark Woolhouse Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Wei Xu Research Assistant