Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Health promoting palliative care at St Joseph’s Hospice, London

Community engagement initiatives have great potential to help people live to the full at the end of life.

Medical care, whether provided by hospices, hospitals or primary care comprises only one component of broad support a dying person and their family and friends need. Examples of empowered communities providing much of this social and supportive care exist in some economically poorer countries and now in the UK. This doctoral study is evaluating one such initiative at St Joseph’s Hospice in London.

Libby has recently published two papers to help build up the evidence base.


St Joseph’s Hospice

PhD candidate

Libby Sallnow


Allan Kellehear, Heather Richardson, Scott Murray

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The impact of a new public health approach to end-of-life care: A systematic review  Palliat Med March 2016   vol. 30  no. 3  200-211