Primary Palliative Care Research Group


The PPCRG contribute to setting the agenda for the education of current and future healthcare professionals in the field of palliative care - particularly undergraduate medical students and general practitioners.

Undergraduate palliative care teaching

Academic leaders from the five Scottish Universities have together identified a number of key learning outcomes for medical students from the General Medical Council’s document “Tomorrow’s Doctors”.  The group received strong support from the Scottish University Teaching Deans who are now committed to integrating end-of-life care teaching in undergraduate specialty teaching in  Scottish Medical Schools.  A number of teaching resources are now held in a dropbox at the website of the Primary Palliative Care in Edinburgh, and assessment questions have also been developed.

This has resulted in better integration of palliative care training in the general medical school curricula.

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Linklater GT, Bowden J, Pope L, McFatter F, Hutchison SMW, Carragher PJ, Walley J, Fallon M & Murray SA. Developing learning outcomes for medical students and foundation doctors in palliative care: A national consensus-seeking initiative in Scotland.  Medical Teacher, 2014, 1-6.

Postgraduate education in generalist palliative care

Relevant publications & resources from the group

RED-MAP framework for care planning discussions (available via the Using SPICT & RED-MAP page)

Bowden J, Dempsey K, Boyd K, Fallon M & Murray SA. Are newly qualified doctors prepared to provide supportive and end-of-life care?  A survey of Foundation Year 1 doctors and consultants.  J R Coll Physicians 2013;43:24-8.

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Murray SA & Boyd K. Using the ‘surprise question’ can identify people with advanced heart failure and COPD who would benefit from a palliative care approach.  Palliat Med 2011, 25:382.

Boyd K & Murray SA.Recognising and managing key transitions in end of life care.  BMJ 2010;341:c4863. 

Undergraduate teaching resources

We have some resources for undergraduate teaching.