Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Toolkit for the development of palliative primary care

A resource to support national leaders and clinicians in Europe and worldwide to further develop palliative care services in primary care settings.

Newly updated EAPC WONCA Toolkit 2019

In 2018 at Astana, the World Health Organisation (WHO) resolved that palliative care was a key component of primary care services. In response to this, members of the PPCRG and EAPC Primary Care Reference Group have worked together to update the EAPC WONCA Toolkit for 2019.

The Toolkit is a resource that gives practical guidance on the steps required to develop palliative care in primary care and is available for download from:

EAPC WONCA Toolkit 2019


Short video to launch the Toolkit

This short video is an introduction to the Toolkit. Share this with your colleagues and across your networks:


EAPC Primary Care Reference Group open meeting

Launch of the EAPC WONCA Toolkit 2019

The Toolkit was launched at the EAPC Primary Care Reference Group open meeting at the EAPC Conference in Berlin, May 2019.

The open meeting was chaired by Dr Sebastien Moine and Emeritus Professor Scott Murray, with presentations from invited speakers Professor Julia Downing, Dr Alan Barnard, Dr Bert Leysen, Professor Steffen Eychmueller, Dr Erika Zelko, Natalia Arias Casais and Dr Maurizio Cancian.

Presentation slides are available for download from: