Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Recent grants

A list of our recent and current grants

  • 4ACPImplementation of an integrated care planning and electronic care coordination intervention in primary care for people living at home or in a care home at risk of deteriorating or dying: mixed-method study across Scotland. (Marie Curie. 2020-2022). Boyd K (PI), Mason B, Pinnock H, Shenkin S.

  • AnticiPal: Identifying people living at home for anticipatory care planning and palliative care needs assessment using electronic search tools to screen primary care records in SPIRE practices. (Chief Scientist Office Scotland, 2019-2019). Boyd K (PI), Mason B, Weller D, Baughan P, Ellis G, Guthrie B, Ward H, Oduro S, Poretous R.

  • Development of a teaching/research-based care home centre for excellence and community engagement (Macmillan Cancer Support, 2018-2021). Hockley J, Murray SA, McCormack B, Mahoney C.

  • GI-ACP: Early support in primary care for people starting treatment for cancer. (Macmillan Cancer Support, 2018-2020). Boyd K, Murray SA, Wall, L Skipworth R, Kendall M, Bowden, J, Barclay S, Weir C, Weller D, Graham L, Bell N, Macpherson S.  

  • Pall 247: Supporting people with palliative and end-of-life care needs "out of hours": a mixed-methods study of needs, demand and experiences to inform person-centred service developments. (Marie Curie and Chief Scientist Office Scotland, 2017-2019).  Murray SA, Boyd K, Mason B, Finucane A, Carduff E, Stoddart A, Ritchie L, Keen J, Fallon M, Kendall M, Tucker S, Haraldsdottir E, Fife S, Kerssens J, Moussa L, Macpherson S.  

  • Pain relief in care homes: understanding the internal and external context through a scoping review [CGA/19/15]. (Chief Scientist Office, 2019-2020) [£29,912.75] Jo Hockley.
  • Exploring the patient experience of undergoing a multimodal intervention for cachexia in advanced cancer. (The Melville Trust for the Care and Cure of Cancer, 2016-2017). Murray SA, Lloyd A, Carduff E, Kendall M, Laird B, Fallon M, Fearnon K.  

  • Supportive care in the community for people living with advanced liver disease: a feasibility study. (Chief Scientist Office, 2014-2016). Murray SA, Kendall M, Boyd K, Kimbell B, MacGilchrist A, Weir C, Finucane A, Hayes P, O'Carroll R, Brookes-Young P, Deighan M.  

  • Understanding the experiences and multi-dimensional needs of people with major stroke: a mixed methods study. (Chief Scientist Office, 2014-2016). Mead G, Murray SA, Kendall M, Cowey E, Barber M, McAlpine C, Boyd K, Stott D.  

  • Identifying patients with palliative care needs in primary care using existing IT infrastructure (IPPC). (Marie Curie & Edinburgh Lothian Health Foundation, 2015-2016). Murray SA, Mason B, Boyd K, Scully R, Steyn J, Kendall M, Morris L, McPherson S.  

  • Phase 2 randomised trial of early versus delayed future care planning for patients with advanced heart disease. (Marie Curie Cancer Care, 2013-2015). Denvir M, Murray SA, Boyd K, Weir C.  

  • HELPing older people with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) towards the end of their lives: developing, piloting and refining a practical intervention (HELP-COPD). (The Dunhill Medical Trust, 2012-2014). Pinnock H, Kendall M, Murray SA, Worth A, Levack P, Macnee B, Sheikh A, White P, Rabinovich R, Drost E, Stewart J, Boyd K, Nurmatov U.  

  • Improving supportive and palliative care for people with advanced heart, lung, kidney, or liver disease through structured identification, assessment and care planning before hospital discharge. (NHS Lothian Health Services Research Unit, 2011-2012). Boyd K, Murray SA, Crawford D.  

  • Definition and evaluation of models of primary and secondary care collaborative working at the end of life. (National Institute for Health Research, SDO; 2009-2011).  Murray SA, Worth A, Mason B, Boyd K, Kendall M, Higginson I, Shipman C, Barclay S, Munday D, Dale J, Irvine M Bowes.