Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme

20/21 Projects

Listing of available projects for 20/21 entry.

Applications for all projects must be submitted via the University of Edinburgh's Degree FinderPlease include a CV with your application. Your CV can be uploaded to the Research Proposal section of your application.



The full list of Glasgow projects can be viewed on the the University of Glasgow website here. Following the application deadline, your application along with any supporting documents will be shared with University of Glasgow. 



Title Lead Supervisor

Harnessing plasticity to repair spinal cord injury

Dr Thomas Becker
Data Science approaches to investigating the vascular footprint of Alzheimer’s disease for early disease detection Dr Miguel O. Bernabeu

A novel data integration method for cellular social networks within self-organising multicellular systems

Dr Guillaume Blin
Development of clinically relevant models of undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma using a genetic screening approach Prof Val Brunton

The role of transcription factors and the signaling environment in commitment of cells into the germline

Prof Ian Chambers
Tumour exosome-functionalised magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging guided precision medicine and personalised breast cancer treatment

Dr Michael Chen

Integration of single-cell RNA sequencing data from human and murine kidney disease to identify novel therapeutic targets

Dr Bryan Conway
Investigating disease causing mutations in PNPase- an approach to understand mitochondrial nucleic acid driven auto-inflammation Dr Ashish Dhir

A step change in sensitivity of Raman spectroscopy for accurate and rapid analysis of living cells

Dr Andy Downes 

Developing Personalised Precision Medical Approaches for Paediatric Intensive Care through Data Informatics and Machine Learning on the Impact of Acute Clinical and Physiological Phenotypes on Outcome

Dr Javier Escudero

Using Omics to Understand the Genes and Pathways Underlying Alcohol Use Disorder 

Dr Kathryn Evans

Investigating the metabolic alterations that initiate pre-neoplastic development in zebrafish and in humans

Dr Yi Feng

Synthetic chromosomes to understand genome instability

Prof Nick Gilbert

Analysis of intestinal metagenomes using ASAR

Prof Igor Goryanin
Taming the Hippo in mesothelioma through proteogenomics Dr Carsten Gram Hansen

Identifying Pathogenic B cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr Mohini Gray
Illuminating roles of Wnt/b-Catenin signalling in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) Prof Keisuke Kaji

Investigating the contribution of rare genetic variants to depression

Dr Sara Knott
Blood flow and solute transport in human placental vascular networks: an in-silico approach to characterising pregnancy pathologies Dr Timm Krüger

Developing data science approaches to improve paediatric critical care patient flows and its related health economics benefits in Scotland

Dr Tsz-Yan Milly Lo
Connecting Molecular Profiles to Phenotype: A Proteomic Resource for Assigning Cell Cycle and Senescent States Dr Tony Ly
Delirium as an acute brain injury in hospital inpatients: can clinical features and biomarkers predict outcomes?  Prof Alasdair MJ MacLullich
Analysing and recommending personalised care pathways for multimorbid patients with the use of artificial intelligence techniques Dr Areti Manataki
Omics Prediction of Incident Disease Dr Riccardo Marioni
Analysis of signaling pathways underlying development of human haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) Prof Alexander Medvinsky

Comprehensive study of miRNAs biogenesis in human cancer

Dr Gracjan Michlewski

Genomic analysis of the impact of sexual recombination on the segregation of virulence genes in African trypanosomes

Dr Liam Morrison
Determining clinically significant early stage lung cancers from image analysis Prof Bill Nailon

Dynamic changes that protect oocytes from chromosome mis-segregation

Prof Hiro Ohkura

Detection of novel prognostic macrophage-associated genes in cancer

Dr Diego Oyarzún
Dissecting the biophysics of ocular transcription factors in vivo  Dr Dimitrios Papadopoulos

Stromal transcriptomic signatures in prostate cancer metastasis and hormone therapy resistance

Dr Bin-Zhi Qian

3D Modeling of Changes in Genome Architecture in Development and Disease

Prof Eric C. Schirmer
Proteomic analysis of FAK function in human pancreatic cancer Dr Alan Serrels
Large-Scale Data-Driven Lung Cancer Diagnostics using Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TRFS) Dr Sohan Seth
Data-Driven Decision Making for Paediatric Triage in Acute Care Dr Syed Ahmar Shah
Time-resolved single-cell analysis of neural cell differentiation in motor neuron disease (MND) Dr Christopher Sibley 
Analyzing network formation during brain tumour initiation  Dr Dirk Sieger
Molecular dynamics of the response to breast cancer therapies Dr Andy Sims
How do IFITM proteins regulate the Interferon Related DNA-damage Resistance Signature (IRDS) and clinical outcomes in cancers of high unmet clinical need? Dr Richard Sloan
Accurate methods for rare variant calling in low-coverage cancer exome sequencing data Dr Giovanni Stracquadanio
Investigation of long-range connectopathies in autism spectrum disorders using high-throughput single cell projection mapping and 3D imaging Dr Gülşen Surmeli
Identification of biomarkers of typical and atypical depression Dr Pippa Thomson
A personalised automatic approach for assessing and modelling the brain deep tissue waste drainage related structures Dr Maria del C. Valdés Hernández
Defining and predicting the molecular basis for male infertility Dr Julie Welburn
Understanding the neurobiological basis of co-morbid chronic pain and depression by integrating genomics, peripheral biomarkers and neuroimaging data Dr Heather C Whalley
Leveraging protein quantitative trait loci to discover new biology and therapeutic targets Prof James F Wilson


An integrated computational-experimental approach to identify and optimise combination drug therapy for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)                      Prof Jonathan Fallowfield
Modelling Sex Dependent Differences in Human Liver Disease using Stem Cell Derived Models and Organ on a Chip Devices Dr David Hay
High-Precision Tools for Intraoperative Brain Cancer Surgery  Dr Marc Vendrell