Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme

Student Representatives

Information on Precision Medicine Student Representatives and the Staff Student Liaison Committee.

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As a University, it is very important to us to receive feedback on your experience at the University of Edinburgh.

Student feedback and evaluation is a valued input to programme review and development within the Precision Medicine programme and at the University of Edinburgh generally.  Further information on Student Representation is available from the:

EUSA Webpage

Precision Medicine Programme Representatives

  • Your programme representatives will help ensure that academic and support staff are continually listening to and engaging with you to improve the student experience.  
  • They will represent the student body both at the Staff Student Liaison Committee and as members of the programmes Academic Steering Committee.  
  • If you have any issues, concerns or feedback about the programme please pass this onto the Student Representatives.


Name Contact Email Address
2020/21 Cohort  
Alex Adams [UoE]
Rachel Branch [UoE] 
2021/22 Cohort  
Stella Taso [UoE] 
2022/23 Cohort  
Haolan Tu [UoE]   
Onyeka Obuaya [UoE]
Angelina Kancheva [UoG]
2023/24 Cohort  
Agathe Bricout [UoE] 
Lauri Tuomisto [UoE]
Jen McCavitt [UoG]
Madeleine Hayman [UoG]

Staff Student Liaison Committee

The Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) is an opportunity for student reps to raise issues on behalf of their cohort with key members of staff.

The membership of the Committee includes the Programme Directors, student representatives and administration staff.

Minutes of previous SSLC's can be found here: SSLC Minutes