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All academic, research and professional services staff from across the Usher Institute.

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Full Usher Institute staff list


Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Luciana D'Adderio Chancellor's Fellow
Shima Abdullateef Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Imad Adamestam Clinical Trial Statistician
Lorraine Adamson Clinical Trials Administrator
Davies Adeloye Research Fellow
Naseerah Akooji Statistician
Fatima Almaghrabi Postdoctoral Data Analyst
Amanda Amos Emeritus Professor of Health Promotion
Lynn Anderson Centre Administrator, Centre for Population Health Sciences
Niall Anderson Senior Lecturer | Programme Co-Director (Master of Public Health - Full-time, Online) | Programme Deputy Director (M.Sc. in Epidemiology - online)
Stella Arakelyan Research Fellow
Liliana Arias Urueña Research Fellow
Ruth Armstrong Assistant Data Manager
Katie Atkins Chancellor's Fellow & Reader
Marek Atter Research Fellow in Health Economics
Karolina Bajbuz Programme Administrator
Dominique Balharry Global Respiratory Health Research Manager
Kasia Banas Undergraduate Talent Lead and Programme Director
Ailsa Barclay ACRC Administrator
Claire Battison Trial Manager
Linda Bauld Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health | Co-Head of Centre for Population Health Sciences
Miguel O. Bernabeu Deputy Director and Director of Research, Bayes Centre | Deputy Head of Centre for Medical Informatics and Professor of Computational Medicine, Usher Institute
Gayle Beveridge Trial Manager
Raj Bhopal Emeritus Professor of Public Health
Emma Birley Research Assistant (UNCOVER)
Joanne Blair-Gray Personal Assistant to the Director of the Usher Institute
Brittany Blankinship Lecturer in Data Science
Matt Bouamrane Chancellor's Fellow
Julia Boyd Senior Trial Manager
Kirsty Boyd Reader in Palliative Care
Nicola Boydell THIS Fellow
Amanda Bradburn Communications and Finance Officer
Dr David P Breen Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Anny Briola Clinical Trials Statistician
Kate Britton Usher Operations Manager
Cathryn Broderick Systematic Review Methodologist
David Buchanan Data Analyst / Software Developer
Susan Buckingham Communications and Engagement Manager
Alistair Bullen Research Assistant (Health Economics)
Jacqui Calder Trial Assistant
Clara Calvert Chancellor's Fellow in Global Challenges
Malcolm Cameron Research Assistant
Christine Campbell Reader
Dawn Campbell Administrative Secretary
Harry Campbell Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health
Kirsteen Campbell Communications and Engagement Officer, UK LLC
Mireille Captieux Clinical Research Fellow
Arlene Casey Research Fellow in Health Data Research
Dawn Cattanach Graphic designer and KE assistant
Debbie Cavers Research Fellow
Kit Chan Chancellor's Fellow & Reader
Sarah Chan Reader/ Chancellor's Fellow
Fiona Clark Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP) Partnership Co-ordinator
Neil Clark Senior Data Manager (maternity cover)
Gareth Clegg Senior Clinical Lecturer
Jess Conway Communications and Digital Engagement Officer
Lucy Courage Programme Administrator
Denise Cranley Trial Manager
Gina Cranswick Senior Trial Team Manager
Kathrin Cresswell Senior Lecturer
Matthew Cull Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Biomedicine, Self and Society
Sarah Cunningham-Burley Professor of Medical and Family Sociology / Dean of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences
Gwenetta Curry Lecturer of Race, Ethnicity, and Health
Kenton D'Mellow Data Management & Programming Team Lead
Luke Daines Clinical Research Fellow
Jennifer Daub Dataloch Hub Data Analyst
Julie Davidson Institute Administrator (NINE Edinburgh BioQuarter)
Karen Dawson Personal Assistant to Professor Andrew Morris
Giulia De Togni Research Fellow
Afshan Dean Programme Manager (MSc Clinical Trials online)
Lisa Derr Trial Manager
Lorna Dewar Trial Manager
Lynn Dinsmore Trial Manager
Maria Dlugolecka-Graham Honorary Fellow
Fiona Dobbie Senior Research Fellow
Annemarie Docherty Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellowship
Eddie Donaghy Research Fellow
Dr Thomas Drake
Andrew Duckworth Senior Clinical Lecturer
Stuart Dunbar Engagement Manager
Tim Duncan Senior Software Developer
Agata Dunsmore Clinical Teacher
Helen Eborall Lecturer in Critical Public Health
Morag Edwards RESPIRE Project Administrator
Sarah Elliot Research Assistant
Hannah Ensor Clinical Trials Statistician
Christine Evans Programme Deputy Director, On Campus MPH
Michelle Evans Talent Lead for Health & Social Care sector of the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) programme| Director of MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care
Shedrack Ezu DataLoch Hub Data Analyst
Karen Fairhurst Senior Clinical Lecturer
Nusa Faric Research Fellow
David Fearon Teaching Fellow - Master of Family Medicine (online)
Candida Fenton Information Specialist/Systematic Review Methodologist, Cochrane Vascular Group
Genevie Fernandes Research Fellow in Global Health Governance and Respiratory
Simon Finnigan Usher Administrative Secretary
Robin Flaig Chief Operations Officer, Generation Scotland
Kelly Fleetwood Statistician
Kitty Flynn Communications, Marketing and Engagement Officer
Andrea Ford Research Fellow in Biomedicine, Self and Society: Beyond Disease
Joana Formosinho Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Biomedicine, Self and Society
Laura Forsyth Trial Manager
Gerry Fowkes Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology
John Frank Emeritus Professor | Lead, Research and Evidence-Based Medicine Module
Helen Frost Research Fellow (ACRC)
Jaime Garcia Iglesias SHI Foundation Mildred Blaxter Fellow
Lesley Gardner Personal Assistant to Professor Sarah Wild
Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Biomedicine, Self and Society
Sebastien Georges Postgraduate Research Support Officer
Ylenia Giarratano Research Fellow (C1) (ACAD - Researcher)
James Gibson Lecturer
Lorna Gibson Clinical Research Fellow
Annabel Giddings Assistant Trial Manager
John Gillies Honorary Professor | Senior Adviser Global Health Academy | Co-Director University of Edinburgh Compassion Initiative
Pauline Golding Teaching Fellow - MPH (online)
Laura Gonzalez Rienda PPI Research and Operations Assistant
Su Goopy PGT Research Manager
Elvina Gountouna Data Manager
Liz Grant Professor of Global Health and Development/ Director Global Health Academy / Assistant Principal Global Health / Programme Co-Director (MSc Global eHealth, Global Health Challenges, Master of Family Medicine)
Paula Grieve Finance Administrator
David Griffith Reader
Bruce Guthrie Professor of General Practice
Fasih Haider Postdoctoral Data Analyst
Nynke Halbesma Programme Co-Director online MPH
Gregor Hall AIM-CISC Administrator
Peter Hall Reader in Cancer Informatics and Health Economics
Vicky Hammersley IMP2ART Programme Manager / Research Fellow – Allergy and Respiratory Research Group
Jeni Harden Reader
Maureen Harding Administrative Secretary
David Hardman Research Fellow
Ronnie Harkess Senior Software Developer
Ewen Harrison Professor of Surgery and Data Science, Head of Centre for Medical Informatics
Kathy Harrison Dataloch Programme Lead
Marcus Harrison Director of Strategic Delivery & Partnerships, Health and Social Care Data-Driven Innovation Programme
Michelle Hart Deputy Teaching Manager / Digital Education Manager
Ruth Hart Research Fellow
Jane Hartley Programme Coordinator Global Health Challenges
Louise Hartley Programme Coordinator (ACRC)
Grace Harvey Trial Management Support Officer
Sara Hatam Data Analyst
Lewis Hazlett HR Administration Assistant
Emily Healy Senior Research Administrator
David Henderson Quantitative Research Fellow
Anna Heye Trial Manager
Susan Hinder Research Fellow
Iris Ho Systematic Reviewer
Dr Leonard Ho Systematic Reviewer (ACRC)
Dr Samuel Hoare Teaching Fellow, Master of Public Health (online and on campus)
Jo Hockley Research Fellow
Prema Howard Marketing Lead (PGT)
Huayi Huang Research Fellow - Qualitative
Andrii Iakovliev Research Fellow (informatician/software Developer)
Wendy Inglis Humphrey Chief Operating Officer
Karen Innes Senior Trial Manager
Sîan Irvine Assistant Trial Manager
Caroline Jackson Chancellor's Fellow / Senior Lecturer
Tracy Jackson Senior Research Fellow, Patient and Public Involvement Lead
Claire Jankowska Communications and Engagement Officer
Shireen Jawas Personal Assistant to Sarah Cunningham-Burley
Karen Jeffrey Postdoctoral Data Analyst
Elli Johnston Administrative Assistant
Peter Joshi Honorary Fellow
Vasilia Kakamouka Research Finance & Business Support Manager
Natalia Kapralova Lecturer (Leading Digital Transformation in Health and Care)
Aileen Keel Honorary Professor
Catriona Keerie Assistant Statistical Director (Commercial)
Markéta Keller Teaching Fellow
Sebastien Kenmoe Research Fellow
Titouan Kennel Clinical Trials Statistician
Katherine Kentistou MRC Research Fellow
Steven Kerr Chancellor's Fellow
Theresa Kirkpatrick Project Coordinator
Amir Kirolos Honorary Clinical Fellow (and Public Health Speciality Registrar, NHS Lothian)
Diane Lac Project Coordinator
Liz Lamb Senior Secretary
Stephen Lavenberg DataLoch Service Manager
Julia Lawton Professor of Health and Social Science
Robert Lee Senior Statistician
Rebecca Lees Administrator
Elizabeth Lemmon Lecturer
Hannah Lepper Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling
Sharon Levy CPD Lead Data Driven Innovation Talent Team
Katherine Lewis Trial Management Support Officer
Steff Lewis Professor of Medical Statistics
Ai Lim RESPIRE Programmes and Trial Manager
Chun Lin Data Analyst
Gabriella Linning Communications and Engagement Officer
Chris Linsley Data Manager
Debby Lipschutz Postdoctoral Genetic Epidemiologist
Nazir Lone Reader
Saturnino Luz Reader
Alix Macdonald Trial Manager
Calum Macdonald Senior Research Fellow
Margaret MacDougall Medical Statistician and Researcher in Education
Rob Mackie Communication Officer, ACRC
Sarah Mackinnon ACRC Research Impact Officer
Morag MacLean Senior Trial Manager
Alasdair Maclullich Professor of Geriatric Medicine
Julie MacMillan Research Governance / HR Administrator
Clare MacRae MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow
Christina Mainka Lecturer
Sophie Marion de Proce Statistics Teaching Fellow
Viv Marsh IMP2ART Facilition Co-ordinator: Specialist Nurse
Laura Marshall Conference and Events Organiser
Sancha Martin Consortium Manager
Bruce Mason Research Fellow
Kate Massie Personal Assistant to Professor Linda Bauld
Cristina Matthews Postgraduate Teaching Hub Administration Manager
Magdalena Mazurczak Finance Administrator
Sophie McCall DataLoch Hub Data Analyst
Sarah McCallum MPH (Full time) Operations Coordinator
Haruno McCartney Research Assistant
Kirstie McClatchey Research Fellow
Lucy McCloughan Programme Manager, Advanced Care Research Centre
Lynne McGillivray ECTU Administrator
Paul McKeigue Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics
Aoife Mckenna Research Assistant
Brian McKinstry Emeritus Professor of Primary Care E-Health
Stela McLachlan Research Manager
Ruth McQuillan Co-Lead UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVID Evidence Reviews), Programme Co-Director (Master of Integrated Global Health - online), Reader
Emilie Mcswiggan UNCOVER Project Manager
Gillian Mead Professor of Stroke and Elderly Care Medicine
Felicity Vidya Mehendale Senior Lecturer
Magda Mekky Teaching Fellow (MPH online)
Joe Mellor Informatician (Machine Learning Specialist)
Stewart Mercer Professor of Primary Care and Multimorbidity
Ines Mesa Eguiagaray Statistical Geneticist
Laura Miller Finance Assistant
Martine Miller Research Fellow
Tristan Millington Postdoctoral Data Analyst
Nicholas Mills Professor of Cardiology, Butler BHF Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Consultant Cardiologist | SRO Data-Driven Innovation Hub, Usher Institute
Garry Milne Software Developer
Lynsey Milne Data Manager
Andrew Morris Professor of Medicine / Vice-Principal Data Science
Ailsa Morrison Finance Administrator
Sarah Morton Honorary Fellow
Charlotte Munden Postgraduate Administrator
Lauren Murdoch Trial Manager
Gordon Murray Emeritus Professor of Medical Statistics
Sarah Murray Communications and Engagement Officer
Scott Murray Emeritus Professor of Primary Palliative Care
Harish Nair Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Global Health, Co-Head of Centre for Global Health
Aileen Neilson Senior Health Economist
Mia Nelson Research Fellow
Matt Newlands Programme Administrator
Lauren Ng SCREDS Clinical Lecturer in General Practice & Primary Care
Kristin Nicodemus Chancellor's Fellow / Senior Lecturer
Angela Niven Project Manager / Senior Research Fellow
Erin Noble Research Assistant
John Norrie Professor of Medical Statistics and Trial Methodology / Director of Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit
Bright Nwaru Honorary Research Fellow
Stephanie O'Donovan Assistant Trial Manager
Kat Oatey Trial Manager
David Obree Archie Duncan Fellow in Medical Ethics and Fellow in Medical Education
Richard Osei-Yeboah Research Fellow
Claudia Pagliari Senior Lecturer
Richard Parker Senior Research Fellow
Sarah Parkin Finance Administrator
Karissa Robyn Patton Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Biomedicine, Self and Society
Alex Peden Senior Research Strategy Manager
Rose Penfold Research Fellow: Wellcome
Rachel Penman Trial Manager
Martyn Pickersgill Professor of the Sociology of Science and Medicine
Hilary Pinnock Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine
Ian Piper Data Analyst
Riinu Pius (Ots) Senior Data Manager
Steve Platt Emeritus Professor of Health Policy Research
Evgeniya Plotnikova Teaching Fellow (online)
Roz Pollock Clinical Trial Statistician
Karen Ponder Assistant Trial Manager
Rosemary Porteous ODL Programme Administrator (Master of Public Health – online)
Stephen Powell Data Acquisition Manager
Jackie Price Professor of Molecular Epidemiology
Regina Prigge Research Fellow
Carys Pugh ACRC Quantitative analyst/Statistician
Robin Ramsay Clinical Programme Director
David Rankin Research Fellow
Phillip Rayson Assistant Trial Manager
Mairi Redman IHDP PA/ Administrator
Natalia Reglinska-Matveyev Research & Operations Manager
Stella Rhode Research Assistant
Jayne Richards Personal Assistant to Professor Bruce Guthrie and Professor Stewart Mercer
Hannah Rickman Assistant Trial Manager
Roy Robertson Professor of Addiction Medicine
Colan Robinson Teaching Fellow
Alison Rodger Professor of Infectious Diseases & HIV
Aryelly Rodriguez Clinical Trials Statistician
Alix Rolfe Year Director
Neneh Rowa-Dewar Co-Director (MPH online) , Director of Quality DMGPHS.
Igor Rudan Professor of International Health and Molecular Medicine, Co-Head of Centre for Global Health
Dermot Ryan Honorary Clinical Fellow
Brenda Saetta Usher Institute Secretary
Matt Sanders Technologist (C1) (PAO - IT)
Stina Saunders Postdoc Data Analyst
Gillian Scott Trial Manager
Stephanie Scott Project Administrator
Nayha Sethi Chancellor's Fellow
Rebecca Sewell Programme Administrator
(Syed) Ahmar Shah Chancellor's Fellow
Jenny Sharma Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Co-ordinator
Sonia Sharma Trial Management Support Officer
Rona Sharp Research Manager
Katie Shaw Senior Lecturer
Shane Sheehan Research Fellow
Aziz Sheikh Professor of Primary Care Research and Development
Xia Shen Honorary Fellow
Susan D Shenkin Reader, University of Edinburgh |Honorary Consultant, NHS Lothian
Ting Shi Chancellor's Fellow
Colin Simpson Honorary Fellow
Lorna Sinclair Teaching Fellow
Pamela Sinclair ECTU Business Manager
Jean Skelton Project Coordinator
Dominika Skrocka Project Coordinator / Senior Research Administrator (SALFS)
Vivien Smith Director of Professional Services, Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences
Karen Sooy Research Development Advisor
Sarah Spence Teaching Fellow
Athina Spiliopoulou Chancellor's Fellow
Devi Sridhar Professor of Global Public Health
Jacqueline Stephen Research Fellow
David Stevenson Honorary Fellow
Marlene Stewart Managing Editor Cochrane Peripheral Vascular Diseases Review Group
Sarah Stock Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health
Andrew Stoddart Senior Health Economist
Fiona Strachan IHDP Chief Operating Officer
Catherine Sudlow Professor of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology
Holly Sutherland Research Assistant (C1) (ACAD - Researcher)
Julia Swallow Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Humanities and Social Sciences
Kieran Sweeney Academic Fellow in General Practice
Aneeta Sylolypavan Research Fellow
Agnes Tello Senior Research Development Manager
Evropi Theodoratou Professor of Cancer Epidemiology and Global Health
Lorna Thompson Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society Administrator / Research Project Administrator
Emma Thomson Administration and Governance Assistant
Joyce Thomson ECTU Chief Operating Officer
Mathew Thorpe Research Assistant
Holly Tibble Chancellor's Fellow
Amy Tilbrook Dataloch Information Governance Facilitator
Katherina Tober GP Clinical Teacher
Claire Tochel Research Fellow (SCONE)
Tricia Tooman ACRC Research Fellow
Serena Tricarico HDR UK Scotland Manager
Thanasis Tsanas Professor of Digital Health and Data Science / Director of Knowledge Exchange and Research Impact
Kevin Tsang Teaching Fellow
Sharon Tuck Research Fellow
Christy Vaughan Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
Amanda Vettini Research Fellow
Tony Wackett Data Management & Programming Architect
Jennifer Waddell Trial Manager
Debbie Wake Clinical Reader in Medical Informatics and Diabetes Care & Education
Timothy Walsh Professor of Critical Care | Director of Innovation for NHS Lothian, and Health Innovation South East Scotland
Haoxiang Wang Honorary Fellow
Emma Ward Trial Manager
Alison Webb Student Adviser
Fiona Wee Trial Manager
Christopher Weir Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials
Emily Weiss Course Tutor - Online Distance Learning
David Weller James Mackenzie Professor of General Practice | Programme Co-Director (Master of Family Medicine) | Co-Head of Centre for Population Health Sciences
Sharon Westwood ACRC Operations Co-ordinator
Christopher White Assistant Data Manager
Lauren White Research Fellow (Spectrum)
Rebecca Whitehorn Research Administrator
Toni Wigglesworth CMI Administrator (ePrescribing)
Sarah Wild Professor of Epidemiology
Linda Williams Research Fellow
Adele Willoughby Programme Administrator
Jim Wilson Professor of Human Genetics
Kevin Wing Lecturer In Epidemiology
Dr Rachael Wood Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Honorary Reader
Mark Woolhouse Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Honghan Wu Visiting researcher
Wei Xu Research Assistant
Ingrid Young Senior Lecturer
Huayu Zhang Research Fellow in Health Data Research