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Usher PhD, MRes and MD students

PhD, MRes and MD students on the three postgraduate programmes in Usher - Global Health, Medical Informatics and Population Health Sciences.

PhD students based in the Centre for Global Health

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title Email
Salahuddin Ahmed Community use of digital auscultation to improve diagnosis of paediatric pneumonia in Sylhet, Bangladesh
Jordan Ashworth
Evelyn Balsells Global burden of disease due to human metapneumovirus and parainfluenza virus associated acute lower respiratory infections in young children
Iain Campbell Identifying Determinants of Success for Internet based CrowdFunding, Health Promotion and Teaching Relevant to Global Health
Gaby Carrillo Balam
Paula Couto  Characterisation of the respiratory syncytial virus seasonality in the region of the americas to optimise the timing for immunoprophylaxis and vaccine policy using national surveillance data
Andrea Carolina Fuentes Pacheco Determinants of Dietary Diversity in Chile: Gender and Socioeconomic Level
G M Monsur Habib Enhancing access to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) through implementation research in Bangladesh
Shahidul Islam  Long-term Effects of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection in Early Childhood
Alozie Izima Developing a Manual for Disease Burden Estimation in Refugee Camps
Hannah Lepper Monitoring the Global Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance.
Hana Mahmood mHealth for pneumonia prevention
Dudzai Mureyi The use of a Mobile Phone Application to facilitate timely access to medicines in Zimbabwe.
Rutuja Patil Can teleconsultation at Micro-Health Centre attain management of COPD and Asthma in a rural area where medical expertise is not available?
Biswajit Paul Lung cancer and chronic respiratory disease: Development and pilot testing of an intervention in a southern Indian rural community
Ehsan Rahman Implementation research on introducing pulse oximetry with routine IMCI services at first level health facilities of Bangladesh
Siti Nurkamilla Ramdzan school-based complex interventions for childhood asthma
Sarah Richardson An evaluation of the optimal trauma data collection methods in Uganda
Sudipto Roy Care-seeking practices of and barriers to care-seeking for pneumonia in children aged less than five years in tribal and non-tribal rural areas of Pune district, India
Hani Salim Developing and piloting an ICT-based intervention for adult asthma with limited health literacy to improve asthma self-management.
Peige Song Estimating the burden of cancer in China through a literature search and by accessing the Chinese Cancer Registries
Florian Stummer How can e-Health projects succeed? e-Health project management comparison in United Kingdom, Swiss, Sweden and Austria.
Joanna Taylor Use and implications of social media in the treatment and management of non-communicable diseases, particularly in relation to social media content analysis, text mining, adverse event reporting and public health interventions.
Xin Wang Global burden of disease due to human parainfluenza virus (PIV) and human metapneumovirus (MPV) associated acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI) in children younger than five years
James Wells What are the conditions for developing and scaling-up sustainable palliative care services in Low to Medium Income Countries
Amal Zaidan Childhood Pneumonia: Evaluation of Prognosis and Treatment Response
Feifei Zhang Impacts of Floods on the Risk of Mosquito-borne Diseases in East Australia and South China: Similarities and Differences
Shengyuan Zhao Molecular Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Carriage in Elder People

PhD students based in the Centre for Medical Informatics

Name (sorted in descending order) Thesis title Email
Kenneth Haining Socioeconomic outcomes measurement in survivors of major illness
Elsie Horne Exploiting Developments in Digital Health to Improve Asthma Outcomes
Sheraz Khan The EMPIRE Trial An interventional study for PhD in Health Informatics to plan and evaluate  the establishment of Electronic Marketing Public Participation & Insurance Regulation in Emerging Economies.
Poorya Parvizi Network-based embedding methods for multi-omics data analysis
Aryelly Rodriguez Carbonell Are anonymised databases truly anonymous?
Mousumi Sengupta Using 'Big Data' - UK learning system for asthma
Holly Tibble Using big data to create a UK learning health system for asthma
Evi Valavani Longitudinal outcome assessment of clinical interventions in neurodevelopmental disorders using different modalitiesLongitudinal outcome assessment of clinical interventions in neurodevelopmental disorders using different modalities
Minhong Wang Agent state based modelling of pattern formation in pluripotent stem cells

PhD students based in the Centre for Population Health Sciences

Name (sorted in descending order) Thesis title Email
Danladi Bojude Adamu Cervical Cancer Control In Gombe State, Nigeria - Preparing For The Future Through Understanding HPV Infection Patterns, Knowledge Of Cervical Cancer And Attitudes Towards Community Based Cervical Screening Among HIV Positive And HIV Negative Women.
Liliana Arias Urueña Children´s Experiences of Living with Cleft Lip and Palate
Mohammad Romel Bhuia Investigating how the UK's electronic health records infrastructure can support the planning and execution of clinical trials.
Audrey Buelo Developing and testing a theory-based intervention to increase physical activity for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus.
Luke Daines Deriving and validating a clinical prediction rule for the diagnosis of asthma in primary care
Karim El Ferkh Burden of asthma co-morbidity in the UK: secondary analyses of national databases from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak Genetic Epidemiology: Food preferences genetics and its impact on food consumption and human health
Yazhou He Developing a multi-omic risk prediction model for colorectal cancer
Sophie Ilson Public Trust of Government Data
Shoba John Developing effective health governance for nutrition and sustainable development: lessons from tobacco control in managing conflicts of interest in india
Wardah Khalid Genetic Risk Score to predict Alzheimer’s disease W.Khalid-1
Gabrielle King To understand how MND groups and individuals advocate with scientists to inform research, examining how activities of these scientists and groups engage, impact and connect with each other, and exploring the scientific, clinical and societal consequences of these relations.
Arianna Landini Genetic variants in protein glycosylation
Stuart McGurnaghan
Ann McMurray Parent and patient perspectives of fatal and near fatal asthma, a qualitative study
Ines Mesa-Eguiagaray Secular trends in breast cancer mortality by ER status in Scotland
Martine Miller
Henry Mruma Cardiovascular disease prevention focusing on identifying risk factors for development of Pre-eclampsia among Women.
Phyllis Murphie Effectiveness of telehealthcare interventions in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Hypopnoea (OSAHS) Management.
Ai Oishi Health promoting palliative care in Japan
Jenny Ordoñez Betancourth Ethnicity and obesity in South America, Canada and The UK: Building conceptual foundations
Carol Porteous Patient and Public Engagement and Involvement in Research: The Impacts on, and experience of, those being involved.
Lisa Raeder Biotechnological management of the female body: The materialization of health and embodiment of risk through the mediation of hormonal contraceptives
Linda Repetto The Omics Basis of Human Health: Inferring Causal Effects of Neuro-Proteins on Complex Psychiatric Disorders
Cameron Werner Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences and Management of the Condition
Laura Wigley The experiences, views and support needs of individuals with type 1 diabetes using insulin pumps as they transition from paediatric into adult diabetes services: qualitative study
Tian Yang Long Non-coding RNAs in Serum and their Relationships with Colorectal Cancer
Xiaomeng Zhang Evaluating the effects of genetic and environmental factors and their interactions on colorectal cancer

MD students based in the Centre for Population Health Sciences