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PhD, MRes and MD students on the three postgraduate programmes in Usher - Global Health, Medical Informatics and Population Health Sciences.

PhD students registered on a PhD programme in Global Health

Name (sorted in descending order) Thesis title Email
Salahuddin Ahmed Community use of digital auscultation to improve diagnosis of paediatric pneumonia in Sylhet, Bangladesh
Jordan Ashworth
James Baxter Reconciling the mechanisms of HIV-1 infection acquisition and disease progression using phylogenetic and mathematical modelling
Emma Bryce The impact of strengthening paediatric surgical services in LMICs: Evidence of Global Surgery’s place in the Global Health agenda.
Paula Couto  Characterisation of the respiratory syncytial virus seasonality in the region of the americas to optimise the timing for immunoprophylaxis and vaccine policy using national surveillance data
Shukanto Das Task shifting and sharing in healthcare services: Developing the SHIFT-SHARE model in India
Danica Du TBC
Farzana Khan Palliative Care in the Humanitarian Context: Evaluation of a Community-Based Palliative Care Programme for Rohingya Refugees
Durga Kulkarni Epidemiology of human metapneumovirus (hMPV) associated acute respiratory infections (ARI) in older adults and high-risk adults
Jingyi Liang Exploring the spatial pattern and seasonality of Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Fiona Lindsay To build and research a curriculum to provide safe and effective physiotherapy CBR skills.
Michelle McGannan Development and evaluation of online learning in palliative care for humanitarian contexts/crises
Amanda Meyer Creating a sustainable system of data collection to improve educational outcomes for children in countries affected by conflict: A Case Study of Afghanistan
Aamirah Mussa The diagnosis and treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in asymptomatic pregnant women in Botswana
Juwairia Quazi Applying a Complex System Theory framework and Dynamic System Modelling methodology to Planetary Health?
Diksha Singh Developing and testing the feasibility of a comprehensive psychological intervention to assess and manage the psychosocial impact of suffering from Chronic Respiratory Diseases among adults seeking PR in rural India.
Germander Soothill TBC
Marylene Wamukoya The interaction between reproductive careers and multimorbidity among Malawian women
James Wells What are the conditions for developing and scaling-up sustainable palliative care services in Low to Medium Income Countries
Lili Yu Air pollution and DNA methylation effects on health outcomes: a MRPheWAS study

PhD students registered on a PhD programme in Medical Informatics

Name (sorted in descending order) Thesis title Email
Mats Stage Baxter M-health intervention on co-morbid patients with seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (AR) and Asthma
Arif Budiarto Machine Learning-based Prognostic Models for Improved Asthma Management Using UK-Wide Electronic Health Records
Charlotte Clay TBC
Afra Jiwa TBC
Stephen Knight The use of mobile technology to determine outcomes from surgery
Andrew Linn Autonomy and Accountability for Healthcare Professionals working with AI and datadriven technologies: building positive value tension in practice
Sinziana Radulescu A data driven approach to explore the impact of distinct clinical phenotypes on end-organ dysfunction and longer-term outcomes of ICU patients
Aryelly Rodriguez Carbonell Are anonymised databases truly anonymous?
Varun Sai Exploring how digital technologies for integrating health and social care are implemented and evaluated
Mousumi Sengupta Using 'Big Data' - UK learning system for asthma
Daira Trusinska Characterising RSV infection in electronic health records & investigating the association between RSV infection and asthma in children
Md Nazim Uzzaman Exploring the delivery of on-line asthma reviews as an option in primary care from the perspective of the patient, the healthcare professional and the organisation: a mixed-methods study nested in the IMP2ART programme of work.
Evi Valavani Longitudinal outcome assessment of clinical interventions in neurodevelopmental disorders using different modalitiesLongitudinal outcome assessment of clinical interventions in neurodevelopmental disorders using different modalities
Jamie Webb Artificial intelligence and ethical decision making in a resource-limited health care environment
Shuo Xu TBC

PhD students registered on a PhD programme in Population Health Sciences

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title Email
Areej Almutairi Reducing Arrival to Departure on Scene in Acute Ischemic Stroke with Suspected Patients in Prehospital Care Through Training, Feedback of Diagnosis and Management
Raied Alotaibi The effect of mental disorders on the outcomes of and care for Out-of-Hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).
Ayesha Bibi Developing Intervention to Enhance Quality of Life among Breast Cancer Survivors
Laura Bijman TBC
Catherine Carver
Jorge Crespo Suarez Chile's integrated primary public mental health services: a mixed-method sociological analysis.
Mpho Disang Multi-morbidity in non-communicable diseases and response of primary health care; a case study of Botswana.
Esther González Hernando Data-Driven Innovations and Pandemics: Regulatory Responses
Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak Genetic Epidemiology: Food preferences genetics and its impact on food consumption and human health
Wardah Khalid Genetic Risk Score to predict Alzheimer’s disease W.Khalid-1
Wang Pok Lo The search for valid surrogate outcomes: review of current evidence and development of practical strategies for surrogate evaluation
Clare Elizabeth MacRae Investigate patterns of multiple long-term conditions in individuals, in households, and in neighbourhoods, and in what ways these patterns relate to how people use health and social care services (for example, attending an emergency GP service, or needing social carers at home) and likelihood of death.
Joanne Mair Using existing data within the intensive care unit to augment a clinical trial of a novel diagnostic device.
Elizabeth Mansi Sedatives and antipsychotics prescribed after discharge from the ICU: what are the risks?
Marisa Muckian Tackling fundamental questions in viral epidemiology and vaccination using genomics and data science
Barat (Baurzhan) Ospanov Anaemia management in Intensive Care Survivors: impact on clinical recovery and patient-reported outcomes
Rose Penfold
Teguh Perdamaian Developing a community-based intervention on palliative care for elderly in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Carol Porteous Patient and Public Engagement and Involvement in Research: The Impacts on, and experience of, those being involved.
Cecilia Prieto Bravo Childhood obesity
Lisa Raeder Biotechnological management of the female body: The materialization of health and embodiment of risk through the mediation of hormonal contraceptives
Shaista Rasool Brief Behaviour Change Intervention for Smokeless Tobacco (SLT) Cessation Delivered Through Oral Health Care Providers: Feasibility and Fidelity in Clinical Setting In Pakistan
Swagata Tripathy TBC
Lijuan Wang TBC
Fadila Wirawan Development of Type 2 Diabetes Risk Score for the Indonesian Population
Claire Yerramasu To design and evaluate an NHS Lothian COPD digital management system, that could be spread across NHS Scotland.
Xuan Zhou TBC

 Students registered on a MD programme in Population Health Sciences

 Students registered on a MScR programme in Population Health Sciences