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Martyn Pickersgill - Fellow of Academy of Social Sciences

Professor Martyn Pickersgill welcomed in to the Academy of Social Sciences.

The Academy of Social Sciences 

The Academy of Social Sciences is the national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences. Its charitable purpose is to promote social science in the United Kingdom for public benefit. The Academy is composed of approximately 1400 individual Fellows, 46 Member Learned Societies, and a number of affiliates. Together, this body of organisations is a community of some 90,000 social scientists. Academy Fellows are leading professional social scientists from academia and the public and private sectors.

New Fellows, February 2021

37 leading social scientists have been conferred the award of Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. New Fellows are recognised, after an independent peer review process, for the excellence and impact of their work and their wider contributions to the social sciences for public benefit.

The Academy’s Fellowship is made up of distinguished individuals from academic, public and private sectors, across the full breadth of the social sciences. Through leadership, scholarship, applied research, policymaking and practice, they have helped to deepen the understanding of, and address, some of the toughest challenges facing our society and the world.

Professor Martyn Pickersgill

Professor Martyn Pickersgill

Professor Martyn Pickersgill, Personal Chair of the Sociology of Science and Medicine at the Usher Intitute - University of Edinburgh, whose research is at the interface of sociology and health sciences, was one of those conferred as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

His research revolves around the social, legal and ethical dimensions of biomedicine and the health professions. In particular he works on the sociologies of neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology. He has helped cast new light on the international circulation of knowledge about the brain and mental health, and the place of this within public life, social policy, clinical practice, and personal experience.

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