Usher Institute

Virtual quiz success

£110 raised for charity CHAS (Children's Hospices Across Scotland) in month-long virtual quiz

The Usher Community Group, led by the inimitable Holly Tibble, recently ran a month-long virtual pub quiz across the Usher Institute, raising money for charity.

Team effort

11 teams in total fought a close-run battle; including such gems as 'Nae Aye Deer', 'Comms-quiz-tadores', 'The Friendly Face of Finance', 'No Ledge', 'Bazinga', 'Sherlock Homies' and the 'Wheelers & Dealers'

The quiz was sent round with a new round of cunningly-un-google-able questions each week - including sections on movies, puzzles, logos, album covers and TV show props.

Miguel's Minions victorious

Team Miguel’s Minions were crowned winners, receiving certificates and a chocolate supply to refuel their brains after their intense intellectual efforts.

Team Miguel's Minions celebrating virtual quiz win
(L to R: David Hardman, Ana Villaplana Velsaco, Ylenia Giarratano, Romain Enjalbert, and Lowell Edgar)