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Usher researchers in the news

Academics from Usher have been making a significant contribution to coverage and improving public understanding of what we know and don’t know about COVID-19.

Understandably there’s only been one issue capturing the attention of the world’s media in recent weeks. Many researchers in Usher are contributing to science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. A selection of the key coverage is listed below.

Professor Devi Sridhar

Particularly prominent has been Professor Devi Sridhar who has featured in almost every UK broadcast, print and online media outlet in the last few weeks, as well as in the international press. Both The Time and The Telegraph featured in depth interviews with Devi, and she has been a prolific author of comment pieces in The Guardian. Some examples of recent TV interviews include with Sky News, Channel 4 News, Good Morning Britain, and the BBC’s Question Time, among many others.

The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Sky News, Channel 4 News, Good Morning Britain, and the BBC’s Question Time

Professor Mark Woolhouse

Research conducted by Professor Mark Woolhouse, his team and collaborators has regularly featured in the press, including a recent paper on shielding the most vulnerable in the population during exit from Covid-19 lockdown, the debate about politicians ‘following the science’, how the ‘R number’ is calculated and regular contributions to the Science Media Centre’s roundups and rapid reactions that provide journalists with critical analysis of new studies on Covid-19.

BBC news - segment and sheild, Segmentation and shielding - preprint paper, The Guardian - Scientists criticise UK Government over following the science, STV - how the 'R number’ is calculated, Science Media Centre - roundups and rapid reactions

Professor Linda Bauld

Closer to home, Professor Linda Bauld has worked with Cancer Research UK to highlight to both the Scottish parliament and the Scottish press about the need to restart cancer services while the NHS responds to Covid-19, as well as highlighting how behavioural science can help us understand both policy decisions and public responses at the current time. You may also have heard Linda taking part in regular phone-ins for BBC Radio Scotland, BBC 5 Live and other stations on all things public health and Covid-19.

Scottish parliament TV, Scotsman coverage, The Times- policy decisions, Huffington Post - public responses, @BBC 5 Live via Twitter