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UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVid-19 Evidence Reviews)

Reviewing the evidence on COVID-19 relevant topics to support policy decisions.

COVID-19 is the biggest public health challenge of our life time.  Policymakers and clinicians are faced with having to make difficult decisions in an atmosphere of great uncertainty.

Network responding to policy making needs

UNCOVER is a network of population health researchers and information specialists, led from the Usher Institute, who are committed to responding quickly to requests from policymakers for evidence reviews. The resources created are freely available to researchers everywhere and can equally be used by those researching clinical aspects of COVID-19.

Children, ethnicity, facemasks

Topics covered to date include available evidence on the use of facemasks, transmission by children, and ethnic variation in COVID-19. The team are committed to updating and refining the reviews as time permits, and to publishing them all on our website.

Completed UNCOVER reviews

Resources for conducting a Rapid Evidence Review

The team have created a set of open access resources, available to researchers from around the world who are working independently on their own COVID-19 evidence reviews.

Conducting a rapid evidence review - resources

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