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Dr Ruth McQuillan receives Chancellor’s Award for Teaching

Chancellor's Awards recognise innovation, relevance, creativity, personal dedication and impact in teaching and research.

The Chancellor confers four Awards annually.

  • The Award for Teaching honours a colleague who has recently enhanced the University's teaching reputation through a significant contribution to improving or invigorating student learning at any level.
  • The Award for Research honours a colleague who has recently enhanced the University's research reputation through a significant contribution to research.
  • The Rising Star Award honours an early career colleague, appointed to the University in the last five years, who has made a significant contribution in either teaching or research.
  • The Award for Impact honours a colleague whose outstanding research has made a demonstrable contribution to society, globally or locally outside direct academic recognition.

The 2020 Chancellor's Award for Teaching was awarded to Dr Ruth McQuillan.

Innovative teaching

Dr Ruth McQuillan receives the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching in recognition of her development of a well organised and sustainable structure for all aspects of online postgraduate teaching in the Deanery of Molecular, Genetic & Population Health Sciences and for her advice and support more widely.

Having set up the online Masters in Public Health from scratch, she then share her experience to help set up a postgraduate teaching hub in the Deanery. She has provided extensive advice to newer programmes in the Deanery and has also recently seized the opportunity offered by the City Region Deal and the Data-Driven Innovation Programme to lead the development of three new postgraduate taught programmes.

Ruth also co-led the UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVID-19 Evidence Reviews) initiative – a community of staff, students, alumni and emeriti working together as a team to provide rapid evidence reviews on covid-related topics to policymakers, including SAGE and the Scottish Government.

Ruth is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of the online Masters in Public Health, and is based in the Usher Institute.

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