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Usher Institute Data-Driven Innovation Hub sponsors Digital Health Product Forge 2020

Join Europe’s largest annual digital health & care hackathon on February 20-23, 2020.

The Usher Institute is thrilled to partner with Product Forge to host the Digital Health Product Forge 2020, the largest digital health hackathon in Europe.

The event will gather over 300 hundred health professionals, entrepreneurs, intraprenuers, designers and technologists for 75 hours of crafting the future of health and social care.

The future of health and social care

The Usher Institute Data-Driven Innovation Hub is sponsoring the event and hopes the event will drive towards improving lives through developing innovative and financially sustainable models of health and social care.

Join the team in exploring integrated care and data-driven innovation through multiple tracks:

  • Sports & mental health
  • Social care
  • Emergency & unscheduled care
  • Healthcare for the homeless
  • Cybersecurity in healthcare

Whether you want to launch a startup, develop a product within an existing organisation, solve a problem that you have studied at university, or just develop new skills, this event will leave you equipped will the mindset, teammates and tools for disruption.

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