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Academics join Royal Society of Edinburgh

Two members of Usher Institute have been elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland’s National Academy has announced its newly elected 2020 Fellows. These new Fellows comprise leading thinkers and experts from Scotland and around the world whose work has a significant impact on our nation.

Two members of the Usher Institute join a prestigious Fellowship of more than 1,600 individuals from the UK and abroad who have demonstrated significant achievements in a broad range of fields.

New Fellows

The Usher Institute members included in the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s 2020 intake are:

  • Professor Scott Murray MBE FRSE: Emeritus Professor of Primary Palliative Care, University of Edinburgh

  • Professor Bruce Guthrie FRSE: Professor of General Practice, University of Edinburgh

Professor Francisca Mutapi, Deputy Director of NIHR Global Health Research Unit 'TIBA' was also among the new Fellows.

The diverse expertise and experience of our fellows, means that, as an organisation, we are well-placed to respond to the issues of the day with clear informed thinking free from commercial or political influence. Our new fellows, who we look forward to welcoming, not only hold vast knowledge but also deep experience, keen judgement, boundless enthusiasm and a passion for promoting societal development and change. By using their talents as a collective, we can often unlock or inspire new potential and unearth fresh solutions to some of the most complex issues Scotland’s society faces today.

Professor Dame Anne GloverPresident of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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