Usher Institute

Professor Aziz Sheikh now director of Usher Institute

With thanks to Professor Andrew Morris, who has led the Usher Institute as its inaugural director.

Professors Andrew Morris and Aziz Sheikh

Professor Andrew Morris

Today sees changes across the Usher Institute as Professor Andrew Morris steps down as our director to take up his role as Director of Health Data Research UK (HDR-UK) - the new UK health and biomedical informatics research institute.  We wish him all the best in his new role.  Professor Morris has led the Usher Institute since he took up the position of Professor of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 2014.

Announcement of Professor Morris' appointment as Director of HDR-UK on the MRC website

Professor Aziz Sheikh

Professor Aziz Sheikh takes over as Director of the Usher Institute.  Professor Sheikh is Professor of Primary Care Research and Development, and has been Head of the Centre of Medical Informatics within the Usher Institute.  He steps down in this role as he takes on the role of Director of the Usher Institute.

Professor Sheikh's academic profile

Professor Cathie Sudlow

We are delighted to welcome Professor Cathie Sudlow and her team to the Usher Institute. Professor Sudlow, Professor of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology, is now Head of the Centre of Medical Informatics in the Usher Institute; as former Head of Centre, Professor Sheikh becomes Director of the Usher Institute, and his co-Head of Centre, Professor Dave Robertson, becomes Head of the College of Science and Engineering.

Professor Sudlow's academic profile on Edinburgh Research Explorer


We wish all the very best in their new roles.