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New HIV prevention drug available in Scotland

Dr Ingrid Young's CSO-funded project, Developing HIV Literacy, involved in roll-out of new HIV drug in Scotland

Developing HIV Literacy

PrEP is a pill that can stop the person taking it from getting HIV

CSO-funded project 'Developing HIV Literacy' run by Dr Ingrid Young has been involved in the roll-out of a new drug for HIV negative people at high risk of getting HIV in Scotland. As of 10 July, this new drug, called 'PrEP' (pre-exposure prophylaxis) became available on the NHS in Scotland. PrEP information material, designed in collaboration with HIV Scotland and developed as part of this wider project on HIV literacy, will be used by NHS boards and third sector organisations across Scotland.

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PrEP in Scotland

More information on PrEP in Scotland on the PrEP Scotland website