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News 2017

A selection of news from the Usher Institute in 2017 - major publications, awards, visitors and more.

Learning and staying in shape key to longer lifespan, study finds

People who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogramme of weight they carry, research suggests.

Smoking bans’ positive impact on child health backed by study

Discarded cigarette packet
Childhood chest infections needing hospital care may have dropped by as much as 20 per cent since anti-smoking laws were introduced, research suggests.

WHO Collaborating Centre

WHO Collaborating Centre on Population Health Research and Training logo
The WHO has confirmed a further 4 year designation for the Centre for Population Health Sciences as a WHO Collaborating Centre on Population Health Research and Training.

Director, Professor Sheikh, wins Principal's Medal

Principal Sir Timothy O'Shea and Professor Aziz Sheikh
Professor Aziz Sheikh has been named as recipient of this year's Principal's Medal.

Lung diseases targeted by £7m global research initiative

Asian family in farmland
Experts have received £7 million to launch a research initiative focused on reducing the impact of lung diseases worldwide.

Digital Academy set to transform NHS care

Photo of a doctor looking at a brain scan on a tablet computer
Digital masterclasses are to be offered to healthcare professionals to drive innovation in the NHS and improve patient care.

Professor Aziz Sheikh now director of Usher Institute

Professors Andrew Morris and Aziz Sheikh
With thanks to Professor Andrew Morris, who has led the Usher Institute as its inaugural director.

"Key Advances in Clinical Informatics" recently published

The new book, on the topic of transforming health care through Health Information Technology, has been recently published by colleagues in the Usher Institute and Harvard Medical School.

New HIV prevention drug available in Scotland

PrEP is a pill that can stop the person taking it from getting HIV
Dr Ingrid Young's CSO-funded project, Developing HIV Literacy, involved in roll-out of new HIV drug in Scotland

Blue plaque honours GP’s legacy

A blue plaque celebrating the life of Dr Richard Scott
A pioneering doctor, whose campaigning led to general practice being recognised as a medical discipline, has been celebrated with a blue plaque.

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