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Technology tackles healthcare corruption

Mobile phone technology could help to beat bad practices in healthcare delivery, research suggests.

Innovations such as apps offer opportunities for improving governance in the healthcare sector, particularly in low and middle income countries, the study found.

Good governance

Experts say that good governance is essential for ensuring citizens have fair access to high quality healthcare. 

Corruption, fraud, inefficiency and discrimination are major barriers to medical care provision in many developing countries.

Digital technologies

Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge reviewed existing studies on how mobiles, the internet and other digital technologies are being used to tackle questionable practices in healthcare.

They identified a number of initiatives that are helping to increase transparency and accountability in healthcare services.

As digital technologies become more widely available there are real opportunities to make a difference, and we’ve seen some great examples of innovation. Further research is needed to understand which approaches are likely to work best and why.

Dr Claudia PagliariGlobal Health Academy and Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Combatting fraud

Examples include enabling people to report discrimination or bribery through social media. Barcodes that can be read by mobile devices are helping people to check that their medicines are genuine.

Other initiatives such as automated monitoring of hospital stocks are helping to prevent theft. Mobile phone payment systems can offer additional security to ensure healthcare workers receive their salaries directly.

To be effective these technologies need to be designed with a sound understanding of the lived experiences of users and accompanied by the right mechanisms for turning digital insights into action.

Isaac HolemanGates Scholar at the University of Cambridge and Co-Founder of the non-profit organisation MedicMobile


This is the first comprehensive review of how digital technologies are helping to tackle corruption in healthcare.

The study, published in the Journal of Global Health, was funded by the US Agency for International Development through its Leadership, Management and Government Project.

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