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Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit

The Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit has launched a new website.

The Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit provides an infrastructure to design, plan and deliver clinical research studies.

History and integration with Health Services Research Unit

ECTU was founded in 2006 to encompass the infrastructure for running multi-centre clinical trials already in Edinburgh and to build on that capacity.  ECTU worked closely with the Health Services Research Unit, which ran independently from 2010 to 2016, providing support to a wide range of health services research projects.  Since 2016 the units have formally merged but maintain the functions previously delivered by both.

Having full registration within the UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit registration framework, ECTU has an established track record in delivering high quality clinical trials and works under a quality framework in accordance with ICH GCP.

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What does the ECTU do?

Supporting Trials

ECTU is able to offer support at all stages of the development and progress of a clinical trial from trial planning to trial delivery and reporting.  Support is also available for other research designs.

Health Services Research

Research that will advance the provision of health care services with the overall aim of improving the healthcare of the public.


ECTU has a team of medical statisticians, clinicians, health economists and IT specialists who can advise on the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of studies.

Capacity Building

The development of sustainable skills, organisational structures, resources and commitment to health improvement in NHS Lothian and other sectors to prolong and multiply health gains many times over.

Data Linkage

With the support of NHS Lothian Analytical Services and NHS Lothian eHealth the ECTU Data Linkage Service has identified and acquired for research use a number of NHS Lothian held datasets.


Find out more on the new ECTU website

Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit