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National Data Assets & Opportunities for Collaboration across the UK Nations and Beyond

The Event

In this webinar, researchers from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales share insights from collaborative work on the DaC-VaP project that has used national linked data assets to answer key COVID-19 research questions at a UK-level.

Chaired by Professor Sir Aziz Sheikh, Director of the University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute, our collaborators will take you through: 

  • The data assets used in this project, and the types of data they contain; 

  • How these assets have facilitated collaborative, individual nation and UK-wideCOVID-19 research, which has benefited the wider public and decision makers; 

  • How DaC-VaP-2 has promoted effective collaboration between the four UK nations and with international partners; 

  • Some of the analysis methods used to deliver results; and 

  • How these assets can be accessed for future research. 

This event will highlight the potential of the UK’s population-scale data assets, and why their digital maturity should be maintained and developed beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. We also hope to encourage greater interest and involvement in these assets among our colleagues across health data science and research. 

Speakers and Agenda

Speaker Topic Link to Speaker Bio
Aziz Sheikh Opening Comments Aziz Sheikh (OBE, FRSE, FMedSci) | The University of Edinburgh
Jillian Beggs Patient and Public Involvement in DaC-VaP-2  
Simon de Lusignan Oxford-RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre Simon de Lusignan — Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford
Steven Kerr Data infrastructure in Scotland Steven Kerr — University of Edinburgh Research Explorer
Stuart Bedston Welsh Data in the SAIL Databank Stuart Bedston's research works | Swansea University, Swansea (SWAN) and other places (
Declan Bradley Data infrastructure in Northern Ireland Declan Bradley — Queen's University Belfast (
Chris Robertson DaC-VaP-2 Analyses  
Igor Rudan / Tristan Millington DaC-VaP-2 and international partnerships Prof Chris Robertson | University of Strathclyde
Jenni Quint What's next / how to access data assets Home - Professor Jennifer Quint (
Lara Edwards A HDR UK perspective / closing comments Lara Edwards - HDR UK


This webinar is being held in partnership with the University of Oxford, thanks to the funding and support of BREATHE, Health Data Research UK and The Alan Turing Institute.

What is DaC-VaP-2?

DaC-VaP-2 : The impact of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy, children and young people, and vulnerable groups . 

This project aims to build upon earlier work produced by the DaC-VaP project, by following up on topics of interests identified through its Patient Public Involvement and Engagement and professional outreach activities. The questions the DaC-VaP-2 aims to answer are:

What is the uptake, safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines...

  • in pregnancy?

  • in children and young people?

  • when given as booster doses?

  • with disease caused by different variants?

To find out more:

Visit the DaC-VaP-2 research site

Visit the DaC-VaP research site

Visit the Vaccine Breakthrough Project research site

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Sep 22 2022 -

National Data Assets & Opportunities for Collaboration across the UK Nations and Beyond

Hear about the national data assets used by the DaC-VaP-2 project from across the four UK nations, and how its team members were able to foster effective collaboration amongst their respective institutions to perform population level analyses.