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Details of seminars and events relevant to Usher Institute staff and students.

There are many seminars and events taking place that are organised or hosted by, or likely to be of interest to, Usher Institute staff and students.

Some of these are listed below. 

Please note many seminars/events require registration to ensure there is space - please contact event organisers if in any doubt.

October 2017

Usher Institute Learning & Teaching | Feedback, assessment literacy and dialogue: why do they matter?

Date/Time: 24 October, 13.00-14.00

Venue: Usher Room, Teviot Place

Speaker: Dr Neil Lent, Lecturer in University Learning and Teaching, Institute of Academic Development

Moving beyond feedback as a 'technical' trouble-shooting/remedial tool. This session will focus on aligned authentic assessment, feedback as a dialogic process and students taking part in the process to develop their own critical/professional judgements.

NIHR Global Health Unit Tackling Infection to Benefit Africa (TIBA) | Innovation in science publishing—And how to improve your chances of getting published

Date/Time: 25 October, 11.00-12.00

Venue: Screening Room G.04, 50 George Square

Speaker: John McConnell, Editor-in-Chief of Lancet Infectious Disease

For more information about the Tacking Infection to Benefit Africa (TIBA) partnership, please see their website.

More information and register: Eventbrite

November 2017

The Medical Visualisation Product Forge held in collaboration with Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems Europe and Scottish Health Innovations Ltd

Date/Time: 2 - 5 November

Venue: CodeBase, Edinburgh

This event will be a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to explore data surrounding medical imaging with a focus on precision medicine, as well a chance to work alongside entrepreneurially minded data scientists, analysts and software engineers to develop ideas and prototypes that would benefit patients and the work of healthcare professionals.

More information and register: ProductForge Website

Online Learning Network | Assessing students in an online environment

Date/Time: 9 November, 1230-1500

Venue: Room 1.18, Paterson's Land, Holyrood Moray House


Celeste McLaughlin, Head of Academic Development for Digital Education at the Institute for Academic Development

Dr Yi-Shan Tsai – Research Associate on the Supporting Higher Education to Integrate Learning Analytics (SHEILA) Project

Dr Paul McLaughlin – Programme Director with responsibility for e-Learning provision in the School of Biological Sciences

Dr Louise Connelly – e-Learning Developer in the Digital Education Unit at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

The Online Learning Network is a community of practice which offers those involved in delivering and supporting Online and Distance Learning programmes an opportunity to network and share practice.

The next event will focus on assessing students in an online environment and we will be joined by three guest speakers who will talk about their experience of online assessment and discuss the possibilities when assessing those studying by online and distance learning.

Further information and register: University of Edinburgh IAD Events

University of Edinburgh Research Support | Dealing with Data 2017

Date/Time: 22 November, 0930-1630

Venue: Playfair Library Hall (Central Area)

Keynote speaker: Dr Mhairi Aitken, Usher and Farr Institutes  

More information an full programme

Register: University of Edinburgh Events

​​December 2017

January 2018

Usher Institute | Crash course on data analytics/machine learning

Date/Time: 15, 16, 17, 23 & 24 January, 0900 – 1200 | 19 January, 1000 – 1300

Venue: Screening room, G.04, 50 George square

Speaker: Thanasis Tsanas 

  1. Organising data collection: sampling rate, sample size, rules of thumb for data collection, and course overview. Introduction to programming with Matlab and R (I’ll be providing notes for programming and easy-to-run code which will be heavily commented, would expect people to do some work on their own here if they don’t do programming), 2 hours
  2. Extracting characteristics from raw data: a light introduction to time-series and signal processing, 2 hours
  3. Understanding your data and first stab: statistical descriptors, distributions, and visualization, 2 hours
  4. Hypothesis testing: choosing statistical tests, and interpreting results, 2 hours
  5. Quantifying relationships between variables: correlations, dependencies, and general metrics, 2 hours
  6. Feature selection and feature transformation, 2 hours
  7. Statistical mapping: functional relationships between a set of explanatory variables and the response: introduction, 2 hours
  8. Statistical mapping: functional relationships between a set of explanatory variables and the response: more advanced topics, 2 hours
  9. Model testing: cross-validation, independent tests with unseen data, training-validation-testing schemes, 2 hours
  10. Recap of the methodology and practical applications across different projects, 3 hours

Register: Shared Google Sheet

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Distingushed Speakers Seminar Series

The Distinguised Speakers Seminar series at the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics is organised by Professor Raj Bhopal, Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health.

Events will be advertised here on the website, with their own dedicated Event pages.

Previous seminars in the series:

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