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Scientists Have Your Data!

The way social science research is conducted is changing. It is often conducted by social scientists on computers. It doesn’t require expensive social surveys or access to people but, instead, to their data.

Data which is being used for purposes other than which they were originally collected and can raise concerns about privacy and about individuals’ control over their own data.

It is generally understood that in order for this research to be acceptable it must have public benefits, or to be in the public interest.

But how these benefits and interests are defined is not clear-cut.

At this interactive event we will be discussing the crucial questions society is facing around how our data is used.

Come along and hear from the Usher Institute and quiz researchers about their research and how they try to protect your privacy, security and hear about the potential public benefits.


The event is free, but requires registration.

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ESRC Festival of Social Science

ESRC Festival of Social Science events in Edinburgh



Nov 09 2017 -

Scientists Have Your Data!

Experts from the Usher Institute and ADRC-Scotland will be talking about how your data is safely used, at this ESRC Festival of Social Science event

Red Lecture Theatre
Summerhall Place
Edinburgh, EH9 1PL