Molecular Epidemiology Group

The Orkney Complex Disease Study (PI Professor Jim Wilson)

ORCADES is a genetic epidemiology study based in an isolated population in the north of Scotland.

Research team

Professor Jim Wilson

Professor Harry Campbell

Professor Sarah Wild


  • Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government
  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship to Jim F. Wilson,
  • MRC Human Genetics Unit quinquennial programme “QTL in Health and Disease”,
  • Arthritis Research UK, and
  • European Union framework program 6 EUROSPAN project.

More information

The aim of ORCADES study is to discover the genes and variants in them which influence the risk of common, complex diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, myopia, glaucoma, chronic kidney and lung disease. The study, with its rich phenotyping, deep genotyping, a tissue biobank and prospective follow up, has contributed to the discovery of over 1000 new gene associations in collaboration with international consortia. All participants have ancestry from the isolated population of Orkney and therefore have enhanced kinship.