Molecular Epidemiology Group

The Edinburgh Type 2 Diabetes Study (PI Professor Jackie Price)

The ET2DS is an ongoing study looking mainly at cognitive decline, as well as risk factors for vascular disease and liver dysfunction, in people with type 2 diabetes.

Research team

Professor Jackie Price

Dr Stela McLachlan

Dr Emmanuel Sandoval, PhD student

Anniek Sluiman, PhD student

Rachel Forster, PhD student

Dr Sheila Grecian, MD student


  • Medical Research Council,
  • Chief Scientist Office of Scottish,
  • Pfizer plc (Unrestricted Investigator Led Grant), and
  • Diabetes UK Clinical Research Fellowship.

More information

The ET2DS is a sample of 1066 men and women aged 60 to 75 years with type 2 diabetes, randomly selected by sex and 5-year age bands from the comprehensive Lothian Diabetes Register (LDR), Scotland. The study was designed to look at cognitive ability and estimated lifetime cognitive decline in an elderly population with type 2 diabetes and has since expanded to investigate molecular and environmental risk factors for vascular disease and liver dysfunction in people with type 2 diabetes. Subjects underwent physical examinations and cognitive testing at baseline (in 2006/7) and at 4 year follow-up (in 2010/11), and the study remains active, with plans for further follow-up.  In addition to numerous publications on cognition and vascular disease, the ET2DS provides a resource for future investigations, including biobanks of DNA (CardioMetabochip data available via UCLEB), plasma, serum and urine as well as extensive datasets on phenotypic data and vascular events.

The ET2DS collaborates widely with basic scientists and clinicians, particularly in the testing of biomarkers as predictors of disease.