Molecular Epidemiology Group

The Aspirin for Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis Trial (PI Professor Jackie Price)

The AAA Trial is the first to address the use of aspirin in individuals with no known vascular disease identified as being potentially at risk based on ABI screening.

Research team

Professor Jackie Price

Dr Stela McLachlan


  • British Heart Foundation,
  • Wellcome Trust,
  • Chief Scientist Office of Scotland,
  • Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, and
  • Bayer plc (Unrestricted Investigator Led Grant).

More information

The AAA Trial ran between 1998 and 2008 and showed that low dose aspirin did not reduce vascular events or age-related cognitive decline in subjects at intermediate risk of cardiovascular disease due to a low ankle/brachial index (a marker of asymptomatic atherosclerosis).  The trial randomized 3350 men and women, 50 to 75 years of age, living in central Scotland with a low ankle brachial index to daily 100-mg enteric-coated aspirin daily or to placebo and followed them for a mean of 8.2 years. The study has also been analysed as a prospective cohort, and forms a resource for future study with datasets on vascular phenotypes/events, cognitive testing and stored DNA.

The AAA Trial contributes to a number of collaborations, especially in the genetics of cognitive impairment.