Molecular Epidemiology Group

Croatian studies (PIs Professors Igor Rudan and Jim Wilson)

The Croatia-VIS, Croatia-KORCULA and Croatia-SPLIT cohorts are genetic epidemiology studies set up with aim to contribute to the discovery of genetic factors influencing complex traits.

Research team

Professor Igor Rudan

Professor Jim Wilson

Professor Harry Campbell

Professor Caroline Hayward

Dr Ozren Polasek


MRC Human Genetics Unit quinquennial funding over 20 years.

More information

CROATIA-Vis is a family-based, cross-sectional study in the isolated island of Vis, Croatia that included 1,056 examinees aged 18-93. It is a genetic epidemiology study that aims to discover genetic factors that influence traits (e.g. height) or the risk of common complex diseases. The cohort is very well characterised with detailed phenotyping and genotyping information available.

Associated studies are CROATIA-Korcula study, a family-based, cross-sectional study in the isolated island of Korcula, Croatia and CROATIA-Split study which is a population-based cross-sectional study in Split, Croatia. These studies have contributed to the discovery of hundreds of new gene associations over the past few years.