The IMP²ART trial

We are currently recruiting general practices to participate in the UK-wide randomised controlled trial.

3 hexagons with images of a gp practice, person talking to nurse on video call, tutor talking to learners

Recruitment of general practices

The trial will evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of the IMP2ART implementation strategy in routine clinical care.

We will recruit 144 general practices and assign them by chance to receive either the new approach to asthma care or continue with their usual care. A facilitator will visit (by video-link) implementation practices over a year and discuss with them the best strategies for supporting self-management in their practice.  One year after the new strategy has been introduced into practices we will:

  • Use anonymous data from practice electronic records to assess benefit by measuring how many people needed emergency care for an asthma attack.  We will send questionnaires to some people with asthma from the practices to ask if they have an action plan and measure their asthma control.
  • Assess the cost of providing supported self-management.
  • Interview professionals and patients to help us understand how and why the strategy worked or didn’t.

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