Student Involvement

The IMP²ART programme is supporting the next generation of researchers.

To date, two BMedSci and two MPH students have completed projects directly involved with IMP2ART. We also support PhD students and have one student carrying out an observational study nested within the IMP2ART programme, due for completion in 2022.

Student projects completed 

  • Effectiveness of review templates on the process and clinical outcomes in asthma and other chronic care management: a systematic review
  • Patients’ and healthcare professionals’ views and experiences on template use in routine management of asthma and other long-term conditions: A systematic review of qualitative evidence
  • Developing a theoretically informed asthma review template to support self-management in primary care: a qualitative study exploring the views of professionals
  • Exploring patient views on resources to support asthma self-management: a qualitative study

PhD students

headshot of Emma Kinley

Emma-Jane Kinley

Based at: University of Edinburgh
PhD project: Delivery of Support Self-Management in Asthma reviews: A Mixed Methods Observational Study Nested in the IMP²ART Programme of work

3rd year PhD student

Nested within IMP2ART, this observational PhD study will contribute to the programme’s process evaluation through video and audio recording routine asthma reviews. The findings will be derived from a sub-sample of IMP2ART primary care practices (both implementation and control practices), and aim to provide an in-depth exploration into health professional delivery of supported self-management through individual behaviours and communications within asthma consultations.

To pilot the data collection and analysis processes for the study, Emma will be visiting a practice in Bath, England in September 2021. Previously involved with the pilot processes of IMP2ART, this practice will not be recruited to the IMP2ART programme (implementation or control group) but have helpful knowledge of the programme and have kindly agreed for a pilot data collection session to take place for Emma's PhD study.

Following the pilot, Emma will be recruiting IMP2ART control practices in the autumn of 2021 to be involved in the data collection of the study, followed by IMP2ART implementation group practices.

In total, Emma aims to video/audio record n>10 individual health care professionals (5 from the IMP2ART control group, 5 from the IMP2ART implementation group). Each recording session will aim to capture a full morning/afternoon or day’s asthma clinic, with an expected 30-50 individual asthma reviews in total to code and analyse, in addition to n>10 individual health care professional interviews to transcribe and qualitatively analyse.

Once data collection, coding and analysis has taken place, Emma aims to complete the write up of her thesis by December 2022.



  • Kinley, E., Pinnock, H., McClatchey, K., Steed, L. Delivery of Supported Self-Management in Asthma Reviews: A Mixed Methods Observational Study Nested in the IMP2ART Programme of Work.
  • Kinley, E., Pinnock, H., McClatchey, K., Steed, L. Delivery of Supported Self-Management in Remote Asthma Reviews: A Systematic Rapid Realist Review. Winning poster: Scientific Research Best Poster Award, Primary Care Respiratory Society Conference 2021


Watch a video describing Emma's study and its results

Video: Emma Kinley - Delivery of Supported Self-Management in asthma reviews
Emma Kinley describes her PhD study and its findings
Barbara Searle

Barbara Searle

Based at: Queen Mary University of London
PhD project: Understanding facilitation in the IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self- management as RouTine (IMP2ART) study: using video ethnography to aid healthcare improvement

1st year PhD student

Barbara is currently assisting the study team with the process evaluation of the pilot, and has had the opportunity to aid in the development of a system for evaluating facilitation. This has stimulated thought about how the team evaluate facilitation and has provided the impetus to conduct a literature review on how other scholars have approached the issue of how facilitation is evaluated. Her next milestone is her 9-month review.

Md. Nazim Uzzaman

Md. Nazim Uzzaman

Based at: University of Edinburgh

PhD project: Exploring the delivery of online asthma reviews as an option in primary care from the perspective of the patient, the healthcare professional and the organisation: a mixed-methods study nested in the IMP2ART programme of work

1st year PhD student

Nazim is working with the programme team to explore the use of online asthma reviews (in the context of multiple modes of consulting) from the perspective of patients, health care professionals and key stakeholders, develop processes for safe use of online reviews and test their feasibility in routine primary care.