Oral Presentations

The team regularly present about the programme at various academic conferences and meetings.


Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Annual Scientific Meeting 2022

McClatchey K, Development of a patient-centred asthma review template to improve self-management in UK primary care

Flinn F, Healthcare professionals’ perspectives of remote consulting during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on service delivery for people with asthma

Kinley E, Delivery of supported self-management in asthma reviews: A mixed methods observational study nested in the IMP²ART programme of work

11th IPCRG World Conference 2022

Steed L, Searle B, Marsh V, Sheringham J, McClatchey K, Hammersley V, Taylor S, Pinnock H. Understanding and improving facilitation in the IMP2ART primary care implementation trial:  developing and using the FACE Instrument.

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Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

McClatchey K, Kinley, E. IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self-management as RouTine (IMP2ART)


NVivo Conference 2020

McClatchey K, Jackson T, Delaney B, Pinnock H, Chan AHY. COVID-19 Information for People Living with Asthma: A Rapid Review. 

European Respiratory Society International Congress 2020

Jackson T, McClatchey K, for the IMP2ART programme group. Understanding information needs of patients with asthma in the United Kingdom. 

10th IPCRG World Conference 2020 [meeting rescheduled as weekly series of Clinical Practice Webinars 16 May-4 July 2020]

Marsh V, McClatchey K, Last R, Steed E, Taylor S, Pinnock H, for the IMP2ART programme group. ‘Theoretically informed education to support asthma self-management in primary care: part of the IMP2ART programme’. IPCRG 10th World Conference (virtual).

McClatchey K, Steed EA, Morrow S, Sohanpal R, Taylor SJC, Pinnock H for the IMP2ART and TANDEM groups. ‘Have you done enough piloting? Methodological insights from the ‘pre-pilot’ phases of two complex interventions (IMP2ART and TANDEM) for respiratory conditions’. 

McClatchey K, Morrissey M, Shepherd E, Kinley E, Pinnock H, for the IMP2ART programme group. Informing the development of asthma review templates: A mixed-studies systematic review of long-term condition review templates in clinical consultations.

AUKCAR Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 [meeting rescheduled as online webinar 26 March 2020]

Jackson T, Ehrlich E, McClatchey K, Morrow S, Taylor SJC, Pinnock H, for the IMP2ART programme group. ‘Involving patients in developing, refining and testing an implementation strategy to promote asthma self-management using the National Standards for Public Involvement’. 

Sheringham J, Steed L, Marsh V, Last R, McClatchey K, Morrow S, Kinley E, Fulop N, Taylor S, Pinnock H, for the IMP2ART programme group. ‘Understanding the role of practice culture in the implementation of supported self-management of asthma in primary care within the IMP2ART trial’.