Programme team and collaborators

The programme team works with partners and collaborators across the UK.

The University of Edinburgh

Hilary Pinnock Photograph
Professor Hilary Pinnock | Principal Investigator
Victoria Hammersley Photograph
Dr Vicky Hammersley | Programme Manager
Kirstie McClatchey Photo
Dr Kirstie McClatchey | Research Fellow
Viv Marsh Photo
Viv Marsh | Facilitation Coordinator
Emily Healy Photograph
Emily Healy | Administrator

Queen Mary University London

Steph Taylor Photo
Professor Steph Taylor | Principal Investigator
Atena Barat Photograph
Dr Atena Barat | Research Fellow
Momoko Phelan Photograph
Momoko Phelan | Administrator

University of Sheffield

Brigitte Delaney Photograph



Dr Brigitte Delaney | Research Fellow
Lauren Hartley Photograph
Lauren Hartley | Administrator

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

The IMP2ART PPI team has 9 members from across the UK who collaborate with the research team. Their role brings key public perspectives to the research work being undertaken. Supported by Dr Tracy Jackson (Edinburgh), the team members are:

Anthony McGuiness | Bill Day| Daniel Russell | David Weatherill | Elisabeth Ehrlich | Eve Smyth | Irena Paterson | Kieron Blake | Noelle Morgan

Partners & Key Collaborators

Asthma UK & British Lung Foundation Partnership | Erika Kennington

Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research | Aziz Sheikh | Elisabeth Ehrlich

Education for Health | Ann Saxon

Healthcare Improvement Scotland | Sharon Weiner-Ogilvie

Kent and Medway CCG

NHS Somerset CCG | Steve Holmes

Optimum Patient Care | David Price | Francis Appiagyei

Primary Care Respiratory Society | Steve Holmes

Queen Mary University London | Sandra Eldridge | Liz Steed | Chris Griffiths

University College London | Naomi Fulop | Jessica Sheringham | Rob Horne

University of Huddersfield | Ann-Louise Caress

University of Sheffield | Steven Julious

University of Swansea | Deb Fitzsimmons