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NEWS: Thank you Dr Hilary Dobson. Welcome Professor David Cameron.

Dr Hilary Dobson
Dr Hilary Dobson is retiring. We are sad for us, but happy for her. Thank you, Dr Dobson, for your guidance, leadership and support. We welcome Professor David Cameron who is joining us as our new Deputy Director.

Blog: Reflections on the Digital Health and Care Conference 2020

2020 Digital Health and Care Conference Welcome Slide
The Digital Health and Care Conference 2020 discussed issues we have heard before, brought new ideas we should consider and learnings to share. From the start, it was clear the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP)’s vision and aims were in step with the themes of the conference.

Cancelled: 2020 Annual Guest Lecture Series with Jem Rashbass

2020 IHDP Annual Guest Lecture Series with Jem Rashbass  - CANCELLED
2020 Annual Guest Lecture "Data and the end of the medical professional as we know" by Jem Rashbass

Registration Open: 2019 Annual Lecture by Professor John Frank

2019 IHDP Annual Lecture: ‘Upstream and Downstream Prevention: Implications for the Control of the Obesity Pandemic’. Friday 14 June, Playfair Library, Edinburgh. 

Data Together: A Calendar of Collaboration-focused Conferences

February and March saw another busy events calendar for the IHDP team. As well as attending Digital Health & Care 2019, the Programme participated in a number of events focussed on building partnerships and collaborations.

Blog: Farewell to The Farr Institute

The end of 2018 saw end of grant funding for The Farr Institute. The Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP) was fortunate enough to be embedded within The Farr Institute for the last 3 years. As we continue along our path we extend our thanks to The Farr Institute for welcoming us and including us in its network.