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All change at IHDP: Welcoming Scott Heald and celebrating the IHDP legacy

Scott Heald, Public Health Scotland, presenting TIYL book
In support of IHDP’s alignment with PHS, Scott Heald, Director of Data & Digital Innovation at PHS, will be directing the IHDP team. Professor Aileen Keel will now become the team's Senior Adviser.

Watch the SCRIS webinar recordings and download resources

SCRIS: The development of and clinical and national use of systemic anti-cancer therapy data in Scotland | Webinar held on 27 April 2022

BLOG: IHDP 2021 Highlights

Innovative Healthcare Delivery Progamme logo with holly and christmas lights
As the end of the year draws near, our Chief Operating Officer Fi Strachan reviews highlights from 2021

BLOG: Safe and secure access to cancer data for researchers: Reflections from our cancer researcher workshop | Dr Fi Strachan

Dr Fi Strachan | Blog: Reflections from our cancer researcher workshop
After our online workshop to uncover Scottish cancer researchers’ data needs, our Chief Operating Officer, Dr Fi Strachan reflects on what we learned from the event and the next steps

BLOG: "The data in SCRIS is levelling up opportunities across Scotland" | Dr John Murphy

Image of John Murphy with the text 'Dr John Murphy | Blog "The data in SCRIS is levelling up opportunities across Scotland"
Dr John Murphy is a former Consultant Haematologist in NHS Lanarkshire. He spoke to IHDP and the SCRIS team about his experiences using data from the SCRIS dashboards, and how he has supported cancer services in Scotland during the COVID-19 global pandemic

SACT activity dashboard included in Public Health Scotland COVID-19 wider impacts dashboards

Variety of chemotherapy drugs in vials and an IV bottle.
Data on the impact of COVID-19 on delivery of Systematic Anti-Cancer Therapy is now available from a Public Health Scotland dashboard