Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme

Innovation for Health Data

Harnessing the power of health data.

IHDP is exploring innovations in data science to improve access to and use of health data. IHDP’s overarching aim is to use data to better understand variation in cancer care, which could explain why cancer outcomes in Scotland are worse than the rest of the UK and other comparable European countries.

Cancer Mortality in Scotland, UK and EU 1990 - 2015 Graph. The graph shows that Scotland rates are higher than the UK and EU.


The NHS collects a huge amount of data covering many aspects of clinical care. However, technical and organisational barriers often get in the way of using this data to improve patient outcomes. Using innovative technologies, such as data virtualisation (DV), IHDP is encouraging new ways of collating, accessing and using patient data, starting with data from cancer patients.


In partnership with NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), IHDP has developed SCRIS — the Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service. The wealth of data on SCRIS is now linkable to all other national datasets held by Public Health Scotland. This will allow researchers to explore how comorbidities affect cancer patient outcomes at individual and population levels.




Data Virtualisation

Data Virtualisation - various data flowing into a "virtual window" and then converted into analytics in various chart options.
Data Virtualisation is a novel approach to integrate data sets without moving or duplicating the data.

Transforming the lives of cancer patients in Scotland with data

The homepage for the Cancer Innovation Challenge Scotland Website.
IHDP members were actively involved in the strategic and operational delivery of the Cancer Innovation Challenge (CIC).

Graph Data

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