Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme

2016 Information Governance Summit

In 2016, IHDP hosted an Information Governance summit. This brought together a varied group of healthcare professionals at different hierarchy levels. The participants considered the legal, ethical, technical and clinical challenges of data sharing.


A breakout group discusses a topic at the first cancer Information Governance Summit.
A breakout group at the Information Governance summit.

At the summit, participants identified an urgent need to clearly communicate what systems are in place to use data safely. In particular, what individual and societal benefits result from that use.


The summit was the first in a series of initiatives to explore key issues and start building consensus around the future use of healthcare data in NHS Scotland. For example, following the summit, IHDP contributed to a short life working group led by National Services Scotland. The group was set up to better understand the Information Governance challenges experienced by user groups across and within the health delivery and research sectors.


Dr Andrew Fraser speaking at a podium during the first Information Governance summit
Dr Andrew Fraser speaking at the Information Governance summit.

Some of the issues identified by this working group, chaired by Dr Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health Science at NHS Scotland, feature in the Scottish Government's Digital Health and Care Strategy published in 2018.


This strategy document highlights the need to develop a consistent approach across public services in the use of healthcare data, to continuously improve the security of how data is handled, and to provide clear guidance on the basis on which data should be shared.