Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme

Scottish Cancer Intelligence Framework (SCIF)

IHDP’s initial focus is on the design, development and implementation of a cancer intelligence framework for Scotland.

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Building on the lead from the Scottish Cancer Task Force and on recent developments and investments in informatics, data analytics, digital health, genomics and stratified medicines, IHDP will work to ensure that Scotland makes much better use of its rich cancer data assets to create the kind of data-driven care to which the NHS has long aspired.

The creation of a Scottish Cancer Intelligence Framework (SCIF) offers potential benefits to patients, clinicians, service planners, policy makers, researchers and others.  These include the ability to:

  • enable clinicians involved in the care of people living with cancer to have direct (near real time) access to cancer data

  • enable people living with cancer access to their own data to facilitate supported self-management

  • facilitate improved cancer audit in order to develop an ethos of continuous quality improvement, enabling inappropriate variations in treatment and outcomes to be identified and addressed

  • support better performance management and service planning of cancer services

  • benchmark cancer services and outcomes in Scotland with the rest of the UK and more widely

  • enhance research and innovation opportunities in Scotland


Please see the Scottish Government's reference to the SCIF in their published 2016 Cancer Strategy - Beating Cancer: Ambition and Action.

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