Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme

Vision, purpose and aims

The IHDP brings leadership and focus to realise the vision of harnessing the power of informatics to link NHS Scotland’s rich data assets and deliver value rapidly to patients, healthcare professionals, and the wider NHS.

IHDP 2018 Guest Lecture Professor Aileen Keel and Professor Sir John Savill shake hands.

All high performing healthcare systems internationally are supported by systematic data collection, collation, analysis, and sharing. NHS Scotland aspires to be recognised as one of those high performing systems and the IHDP has been established to provide the strategic framework to achieve this aim.


In order for IHDP to achieve its vision to fundamentally change the way data and analytics are used to drive improvement in health outcomes, the programme brings together expertise in clinical practice, data science, research and education, unleashing innovation across multiple fronts and with a wide range of stakeholders to deliver change. While the programme’s initial focus is to design, develop and oversee the implementation of a cancer intelligence framework for Scotland, it has a clear remit to apply proven methodology to other clinical areas.


Our aims:

  • harness the power of healthcare informatics to deliver value to patients, healthcare professionals and the NHS through collaboration with academia, industry and the third sector
  • act as a ‘translational hub’ between informatics and the NHS, Government, patients and citizens in Scotland
  • describe and demonstrate the benefits of achieving a Nationwide Learning Health System
  • inform how the IHDP Team approach other clinical areas in future
  • develop a national cancer data framework for Scotland, linking primary, secondary, and ultimately social care data to improve patient outcomes.