Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme


The organisational structure of IHDP includes a combination of core staff, secondments, and advisors who contribute their time either on a consultancy basis or via in-kind contribution arrangements. This ensures that a wide range of sector knowledge is available to support the programme aims.

A picture of Professor Aileen Keel
Professor Aileen Keel


Professor Aileen Keel CBE                                      Director

Aileen Keel is seconded from Scottish Government to the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh to lead the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP).

Aileen joined the Scottish Office (as was) as a Senior Medical Officer in the Department of Health in 1992. She was Deputy Chief Medical Officer in Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates from 1999 to 2014. Between April 2014 and May 2015 she was acting Chief Medical Officer. 

She is Chair of the Scottish Cancer Task Force, Co-chair of the Clinical Outcomes and Measures for Quality Improvement (COMQI) group and has an Honorary Chair at the University of Edinburgh.






A picture of Professor David Cameron.
Professor David Cameron

Professor David Cameron                              Deputy Director

Prof. Cameron’s first degree was in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and he received his medical degree in 1986 from St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London. After completing a fellowship and MSc in Clinical Oncology at the University of Edinburgh, he received a M.D. with distinction in 1997 and completed his training as a medical oncologist that same year. He is currently Professor of Oncology at Edinburgh University, and works in NHS Lothian’s cancer centre treating breast cancer patients, and the joint lead for the Edinburgh Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.

He is currently also the lead for systemic anti-cancer therapy in NHS Lothian, though he will shortly demit from this role to take up a part/time deputy director role within the Scottish Government funded Innovative Health Care Delivery Programme (IHDP) which seeks to improve on access to, and enhance the use of, routine data on  cancer patients within NHS Scotland. He also chairs the Scottish Cancer SACT data group, off label cancer medicines’ group and is Scottish Government R&D (CSO) clinical cancer research champion.



IHDP core team members:

Chief Operating Officer
New COO joining us soon!
Chief Information Officer
Julie Falconer
Partnership Coordinator

Fiona Clark

Programme Manager

Karen Seditas

Communications Officer

Amanda Sammarco

Personal Assistant to the Director and Deputy Director

Simone Learmonth

Communications and Digital Engagement Officer 

Claire McLellan