Edinburgh Clinical Trials

About the Trial

TOPaZ is a non-commercial trial sponsored by a partnership of the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian called ACCORD and funded by the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

It is a multicentre, parallel arm, randomised open-label clinical trial. These types of trial aim to make a fair comparison between a new treatment and an existing treatment to see which one works best. The decision about who gets one treatment or another is random – made by chance rather than by a doctor or a participant. This means that researchers can be sure that any differences between the groups are due to the treatment and not to any other factor.

'Open-label' means that participants are randomised at the beginning of the trial and they will know straightaway which treatment group they are part of.

Both treatment groups are equally important: we want to know which treatment is best but we will only know this by carrying out the trial!


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