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ECTU has a portfolio of adopted trials, which fall under the UK Clinical Research Collaboration registration number.

List of UKCRC studies

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Rheumatology / Orthopaedic:

FaB (Alendronic acid and wrist fractures)

LASER (assisted Staphylococcal eradication)

OPPORTUNITY (osteoarthritis in knees)

TOPaZ (Osteogenesis Imperfecta)

TRIO-Physio (physiotherapy vs knee replacement)

ZiPP (Paget's disease)

Health Economics:



4AT (triage tool for delirium)

LACI-2 (prevention of recurrent lacunar stroke)

MS-SMART (multiple sclerosis)

RESTART (spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage)


Cardiac CARE (high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I)

DIAMOND (coronary atherosclerosis and PET CT)

DUAL ACS2 (acute coronary syndrome)

EVoLVeD (early valve replacement)

HighSTEACS (high sensitivity Troponin)

HiSTORIC (high sensitivity Troponin)

PRE18FFIR (PET CT and myocardial infarction)

SALTIRE II (aortic stenosis)


GEM (Crohn's disease)

PREdiCCt (crohn's disease flare up)

SPARE (Crohn's disease)

Emergency/Critical Care:

RAPID CTCA (acute coronary syndrome)


RESORP (recovery from acute pancreatitis)




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