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Health Economics Studies

ECTU has a portfolio of health economics studies.

List of Health Economics studies

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Allocative Efficiency in End of Life Care  (achieving a more cost-effective mix of services within health and social care services to maximise the health of the UK)

CORECT-R   (creating a UK colorectal cancer intelligence hub)

Eribulin Audit (post-adoption surveillance audit of new medicines for metastatic breast cancer in the real world)

SATURNE (scottish adjuvant therapy unified routine data natural experiment)

Info-BC (decision making in early and advanced breast cancer)

Health Economics analyses within trials

Cardiac CARE (high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I)

ELVIS Kids (upper respiratory tract infection)

SCOT-HEART2 (computer tomography coronary angiography for the prevention of myocardial infarction)

HOT2 (renal transplant - delayed graft function)

PIB CAP (personalised antibiotic treatment for pneumonia) 

MSS3 (pragmatic trial of a community based clinic for patients with persistent (medically unexplained) physical symptoms)

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