Edinburgh Clinical Trials

The RUFUS Study

The aim of this trial is to determine whether flumazenil can be given effectively and safely to patients with reduced consciousness following suspected benzodiazepine overdose.

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Chief Investigator: Professor Michael Eddleston

Number and location of participating sites (by region/ country): UK 5 sites

ISRCTN number: 14373275


Funder:  Medical Research Council (MRC) DPFS

Start and End date

Of grant award: 01 Feb 2024 – 31 Jul 2028

Of recruitment:

01 Oct 2024 - 31 May 2025 (Stage 1)

01 Dec 2025 - 30 Jun 2026 (Stage 2)

01 Jan 2027 – 31 Jan 2028 (Stage 3)


Current Status: In set up

Trial Website: n/a

Email: rufus.trial@ed.ac.uk


UK GDPR Privacy Statement: Within patient information booklet


Sponsor: ACCORD https://www.accord.ed.ac.uk/


Chief Investigator:

Professor Michael Eddleston, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, The Queen's Medical Research Institute, 47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh BioQuarter, Edinburgh, EH16 4TJ  m.eddleston@ed.ac.uk

Trial Manager:

Dr Laura Forsyth, Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, Usher Building, The University of Edinburgh, 5‒7 Little France Road,  Edinburgh BioQuarter ‒ Gate 3 EDINBURGH EH16 4UX rufus.trial@ed.ac.uk


ECTU involvement: Trial Management, Database and randomisation service provision