Edinburgh Clinical Trials


The ELVIS-COVID-19 study is to find out if nasal washout and gargling with salt water (hypertonic saline) helps individuals with COVID-19 get better faster. Preliminary data from those with the common cold has found that nasal washouts and gargling with salty water may be helpful in reducing the length of the illness. We do not however know if this same benefit will also be seen in those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. This study will help us find out if nasal washouts and gargling with salty water are helpful in COVID-19.


Profressor Aziz Sheikh, Director of Usher Institute, the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE), BREATHE - the Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health, and the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research 

Dr Sandeep Ramalingam, Consultant Virologist, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Professor John Norrie, Professor of Medical Statistics and Trial Methodology and Director of Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit (ECTU)


Trial Manager:  Emma Ward, ECTU Trial Manager


Sponsor:  ACCORD


Study Website:  ELVIS COVID 


ECTU Involvment:  Trial Management, Database