Edinburgh Clinical Trials

COVID Community Study

This study involves asking participants to complete a short questionnaire about the COVID-19 symptoms that they have, and some other information about their health. We will then link their answers to other data that the NHS holds about them (for example, the conditions they have and the medicines they take; whether they are admitted to hospital with COVID-19). Participants are also asked if they are willing to be contacted about other COVID-19 research studies. If they agree we will keep their details in a secure database for up to six months.

Improving the management of COVID-19 through data-driven research.    


Chief Investigator:  Professor Bruce Guthrie


Number and location of participating sites / geographical scope (by region/ country):   NHS Lothian  


Start and End date

Of grant award: 01 June 2020 to 31 May 2023

Of recruitment: 01 June 2020  


Current status:   In set up    


Sponsor:   ACCORD


Chief Investigator:  Professor Bruce Guthrie

Email:   bruce.guthrie@ed.ac.uk 

Tel no:  0131 650 9498


Trial Manager:  Lisa Derr

Email:  COVID.Community@ed.ac.uk

Tel No:  0131 651 9918  


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ECTU Involvement:  Trial Management, Database